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History 12 test prep

test prep

Qualifications for senator 30yrs age 9 yrs citizen resident of elected state
qualifications for president 35 yrs age 14 yrs resident native borne
qualifications for reps 25 yrs age citizen for 7yrs resident of intended state
senators and house is in what branch legislative branch
who can propose a bill to congress both senate and house
13th amendment slavory is no longer allowed in US 1865
length of terms for president 4yr terms
length of terms for senate 6 yr terms
length of terms for house 2 yr terms
main idea of preamble introduces the constitution
how membership of house is determined apportioned
how many senators per state? 2 per state
3 branches of gov legislative, executive, Judicil
who has the right to impeach house of reps
who has authority to try for impeachment trials senate
when president refuses to sign a bill veto
what is congresses job propose laws, declare war...
alternate term for implied powers elastic clause
who is in the executive branch president, VP, cabinet
who elects the president electors
who takes over after VP speaker of the house
Legislative branch is which article article one
executive branch is which article article two
Judicial branch is which article article three
how many supreme court justices are there? 9 SCJ
how long does the supreme court justices serve? for life
to grant a new state to the union must have? 2/3 of state legislatures
Amendment 1 freedom of speech, religion, assembly, peticion, press
what year did the constitution become law of the land 1788
who procides over the house speaker of the house
who procides over the senate if VP is not there president protempor
if bill passed twice goes to ? confrence committe
what does the title chief mean for the president commander in chief of the military
what power does the president not have declare war, illigalize elections..
what is the embassador if in a court case? origonal jurisdiction
why is the constitution still used today? elaborate
Am 8 cruel and unusual punishment, excessive bail
Am 2 right to bear arms
Am 3 no quartering of soldiers
Am 4 limits searches and sizures
Am 5 right to due process, duble jepordy, self inrimination
Am 6 fair trial by jury
Am 7 trial by jury for $20
Am 9 citizens right not listed in constitution
Am 10 state right reserved for the public
Am 26 legal voting age to 18 (1971)
Am 19 women get right to vote (1920)
Am 16 graduated income tax (1913)
Am 18 Prohibition (1919)
Am 20 president takes office in Jan, congress starts new session on Jan 3rd, (lame duck) 1933
Am 21 cancells 18th Am (1933)
Am 22 president can only serve 2 full terms (1951)
Created by: ali2000k