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Andrew H&G Qz/Tst 3

List four tools used for exploration: (Any 4 of the following:) globe graph map diagram chart table time line compass
The king gave James Oglethorpe some ________ to start the colony. money
"Let us set aside a day to thank God," said Governor __________ Bradford
Samoset said, "I bring a message of ____________ from my chief." welcome
In 1620 the Pilgrims sailed from ___________, England London
Ponce de Leon wanted to find the ____________ Fountain of Youth
The Pilgrims came to America to find __________ freedom. religious
A map __________ is a way of showing a round surface on a flat surface. projection
Who robbed the Silver Fleet? Sir Francis Drake
The ____________ 's job is to plan the route of voyages navigator
New York was first settled by the ____________ Dutch
Roger Williams started which colony? Rhode Island
Who named the Pacific Ocean? Magellan
What is the starting point for measuring latitude? The equator
What is the starting point for measuring longitude? The Prime Meridian
Who was the founder of the Georgia colony? James Oglethorpe
Who founded Pennsylvania? William Penn
Which explorer was knighted by Queen Elizabeth? Francis Drake
Who is associated with the Seven Cities of Cibola? Francisco de Coronado
A Spanish ship could be called a ____________ galleon
The city of Venice, Italy was one of Europe's important ___________ ___________ trading centers
Lines of latitude run which direction? east-west
A _____________ studies the earth geographer
True or false: The prime meridian is the starting point for measuring longitude True
Jamestown was on a ______________ site along the James River marshy
King James the 1st wanted all people to belong to the ____________________ Church of England
The Pilgrims wrote an agreement called the _______________ Mayflower Compact
The pilgrims had an indian interpreter named __________ Squanto
In Pennsylvania, everyone who paid taxes could _________ vote
Although this explorer died before sailing all the way around the earth, his crew was the first to successfully sail around the world. Who was he? (Pay attention to spelling and capitalization) Magellan
The last of the English colonies to be founded was ___________ Georgia
What country were Joliet and Marquette from? France
True or false: People have always thought the earth was round False (Many thought Columbus would sail off the end of the earth)
True or false: A political map shows how the land looks False (A political map shows countries, their borders, and their main cities.)
True or false: A Physical Map shows boundary lines. False. (A physical map shows natural landmarks such as rivers and mountains)
Who is associated with a ship called the "Mayflower?" The pilgrims
Who is associated with a ship called "Half Moon?" Henry Hudson
Joliet and Marquette traveled in what kind of watercraft? Canoes
The Silver Fleet was from what country? Spain
The privateers were from this country England
Who is associated with the ship called "Santa Maria?" Columbus
Who was known for having dragon ships? The Vikings
This colony welcomed Roman Catholics Maryland
This colony allowed people of any religion to settle there Pennsylvania
Some people who went to his colony were poor or unemployed Georgia
England took this colony from the Dutch New York
This colony was first settled by people who were unhappy about the rules of another colony. Rhode Island
This colony was part of New Netherland New Jersey
This colony had fisherman along the coast before the pilgrims arrived New Hampshire
In ___________________ colony, rice became the money crop South Carolina
This colony was settled by people more interested in finding gold than in settling down into homes Virginia
In this colony there was no slavery North Carolina
_____________ was first settled by people who found rich farmland along a river Connecticut
The first settlers in ________________ colony were from Sweden Delaware
Which colony was started by the Puritans? Massachusetts