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Social Studies sec.2

Aztecs,Incas & Mayas

Olmecs influenced them. They cleared the rain forests and drained swamps. Mayas
Good harvests of corn to feed all of the people. Mayas
Lots of cities linked by system of roads Mayas
Priests performed ceremonies to yield good crops on top of temples Mayas
Nobles served as warriors and goverment officials Mayas
Farmers grew corn,squash and other crops Mayas
Slaves were prisoners of war or criminals Mayas
Mayans studied the stars and made advances in astronomy and math Mayas
Predicted eclipses, made a 365 day calendar, developed the concept of zero Mayas
Early Aztecs were nomads Aztecs
Settled Around Lake Texcoco Aztecs
They built there capital city, Tenochtitlan (causeways and canals linked the capital to the mainland) Aztecs
They placed reed mats in parts of Lake Texcoco and built mounds of dirt on top of the reeds for farmland. (called Chinanpas) Aztecs
Studied the stars just like the Mayans Aztecs
The sun required human sacrifice to please the sun god Aztecs
The people did not like their rulers because of the high taxes and sacrifice of prisoners of war Aztecs
Empire stretched 2,500 miles along the West coast of South America Incas
Capital city of Cuzco in the center of the Andes Mt Incas
All nobles visited the city at least once in their lives. Incas
Sapa Inca lived and rules in the palace and he was seen as a god Incas
Highly organized government with officials that made sure people did what they should do Incas
Incan Empire was united by 10,000 miles of roads Incas
Runners carried quipa to keep good records of trade items Incas
Stone temples and forts Incas
Terraces-farms in the hillsides Incas
Stone walls kept the rain from washing away Incas
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