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Chapter 2

Social Studies

Large ROUND Earthen Homes- Used by Central Plain Indianns- Lodges
A layer of SOIL held together by the roots of the grasses Sod
in short (low) supply- Nomadic society followed food supply until it was scarce Scarce
a CONE Shaped TENT made of deer SKIN Tepee
a device made of TWO POLES fastened to a DOG'S harness used to carry goods Great Plains Indians- like Kiowa Tribe Travois
A GROUP of LEADERS who meet to make DECISIONS Council
a CELEBRATION to honor a Cultural or Religious event Ceremony
an EARLY family member Ancestor
an IDEA based on Study and Research Theory
a MOVEMENT of People - took place SLOWLY Migration
objects made by people and left behind (found by archeologists) Artifacts
a GROUP of PEOPLE with Ways of Life, Religion, and Learning Civilization
a Way of Life or IDEA handed down from the past Tradition
a Group of People that have something in COMMON example: Religious Leaders were the highest class of citizens in the Myans Society Class
Work that is divided so that is possible to produce more goods: Men hunted and the women cooked and sewing Divsion of Labor
Walls made of TALL Wooden POLES around villages to protect from enemy, animals, harsh weather- used by Eastern Tribes like Iroquois Palisades
long wooden houses, could hold up to 50 people these were used by Iriquois Long Houses
Beads cut from seashells, used to make beaded designs that showed important decisions, events or stories. Sewed wampam on clothes, teepees, etc?? Wampam
a loose group of governments working together: example Grand Council of the Irquois Nations Confederation
A ROUND Bark -Covered shelter- same building style as round house but only holds 25 people- Algonquin home Wigwams
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