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RUSM: Micronutrients

RUSM: Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamin or Mineral
Vitamin A: Retinoids Pharm: Retinoic Acid (in cream) used as acne treatment; contraindicated if pregnant.
Vitamin A: Retinoids Deficiency: Eye Damage, Night Blindness, Skin Damage, Immune Deficiency
Vitamin A: Retinoids Toxicity: cleft palate, diarrhea, bone resorption, headache, nausea, aplopecia, hepatomegalia
Vitamin A: Retinoids Disorders: Stargardt Disease, Autosomal Macular Dystrophy, Retinitis, Pigmentosa
Vitamin D: Calcipherol – D3 Function: Stimulate absorption of Ca-Phosphate in gut, high need in last 2 months of pregnancy
Vitamin D: Calcipherol – D3 Sources: Liver, fish, yeast, milk/dairy products, sun
Vitamin D: Calcipherol – D3 Pharm: Needed to ensure healthy baby
Vitamin D: Calcipherol – D3 Deficiency: Ricketts (children),Osteomalacia (adults)
Vitamin D: Calcipherol – D3 Disorder: Hypercalcemia, nausea, weight loss
Vitamin K Function: 1. Conversion of Glu to Gla, 2. Chelation site for Ca2+, 3. Blood Clotting
Vitamin K Sources: Intestinal Flora, Green Veggies; caution with antibiotic use
Vitamin K Pharm: Antidote against Warfarin Poisoning
Vitamin K Deficiency: hemorrhaging, stomach pain, bone malformation, deposits of Ca2+ in arteries
Vitamin K Toxicity: Hemolytic anemia, jaundice, kernicterus (bilirubin crosses BBB)
Vitamin K Disorders: Hemolytic Disease of Newborn (Prevented by oral Vit K after birth); may be more common in breast fed babies because mother’s milk has less Vitamin K; Oral vitamin K after birth mandatory in some areas.
Vitamin E: Tocopherol Function: Antioxidant, Radical Scavenger
Vitamin E: Tocopherol Sources: Plant Oils, Nuts, Wheat Germ, Asparagus
Vitamin E: Tocopherol Pharm: Intermittent claudication (cramping of calf muscles) and Fibrocystic Breast Disease
Vitamin E: Tocopherol Deficiency: Flaky skin, nutritional muscular dystrophy, liver degeneration, anemia, retrolental fibroplasias (leads to blindness)
Vitamin E: Tocopherol Toxicity: Rare, GI distress
Vitamin E: Tocopherol Disorders: Ataxia (AVED), neurological defects, supplement with injected Vitamin E
Vitamin A: Retinoids Function: Vision, Epithelia of mucus membrane, Sperm Formation
Vitamin A: Retinoids Sources: Green and yellow Veggies, Egg Yolk, Dairy
Created by: HCBG24