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* Cook Unit 3

* Cook Unit 3 European History

Which man helped Portugal take an early lead in exploration? Prince Henry the Navigator
What were some of the reasons for early exploration? To find a sea route to Asia To expand Christianity To expand their knowledge of the world To open up new markets for trade
What were the reasons for establishing European overseas colonies? To spread Christianity To get more raw materials (natural resources) The colonies would purchase European products
Which regions main trade items were slaves and gold? Africa
What were some of the items brought to America by the Europeans? The Horse Smallpox Cattle
What began due to shortages of labor and was based on the race of natives and Africans. Slavery
What was the Triangular Trade route? The trading of goods between Europe, Africa, and America
Which area did the Portuguese colonize? Brazil
Which area did the Spaniards colonize? West side of South America, Central America, and southwestern part of North America.
What was one cause of World War 1? European empire building
What was one cause of the Russian Revolution? Differences among social and economic classes in Russia
Which revolution included withdrawing from WWI, poverty, starvation, overthrow of the czar, civil war, and communism? The Russian Revolution
Why did the European nations want captured Africans as slaves? They wanted them to work on plantations in their colonies.
The fact that the natives died, or escaped and sugar plantations required considerable labor made what be in more demand in the New World? slavery
What factors made Portugal lead the way in exploration? They had lots of experience fishing. They took an early part in the African Slave Trade Prince Henry hoped to convert natives to Christianity
What contributed to the lands in the Western Hemisphere? Economic competition between European empires
When Europeans migrated to the Americas what was the impact on the native tribes (Aztec, Maya, and Inca Empires)? European migration to the Americas led to the demise of the Aztec, Maya, and Inca empires.
What was a negative impact of the Columbia Exchange? Many American Indians died from smallpox.
Which country did Ferdinand Magellan explore for? Portugal
What are the correct dates for World War I? 1914 -1918
Who was the leader of Germany during World War I? Wilhelm II
Who was the leader of the Bolsheviks? Vladimir Lenin
The Treaty of Versailles was considered harsh against which country? Germany
Which country joined the allies in 1917? United States
What actions did the Treaty of Versailles seek to do? It set up the League of Nations. It forced Germany pay reparations. It limited Germany's military.
What is said to have caused World War I? Militarism Alliances Nationalism Imperialism Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand Conflict in the Balkan Penisula
Who was the U.S. President during World War I? Woodrow Wilson
Who was the leader of Russia during World War I? Joseph Stalin
What type of government did Russia have before World War I? absolute monarchy
Why did the Russian Revolution take place? Military defeats People wanted land
What did Lenin's NEP New Economic Policy do? allowed capitalism in order to motivate farmers to increase food production.
How did many people feel about the Treaty of Versailles. That it would not lead to peace; that it was more like a truce. Many people felt the Treaty of Versailles was unfair and would likely result in another war.
What was a major result of collectivization in the USSR? Collectivization eliminated large numbers of peasant farmers.
Why did the League of Nations fail? It did not have the power to enforce its decisions.
What was one cause of the worldwide depression following World War I? Failure of banks to expand credit opportunity.
What was one cause of the Cold War between the USSR and the United States after World War II? ideological conflicts; United States believed in one way of doing things in Germany, while the USSR wanted to run things their way.
What was the most serious fear shared by the Soviet and Western statesmen after World War II? The revival of a strong military state in Germany.
Which continent has the most languages spoken? Europe
Why did the Europeans bring black African slaves to America? Millions of Native Americans died from diseases and the conquering by the Europeans.
What is literacy rate? How many people in a country that can read and write.
What is Europe's literacy rate? Europe's literacy rate is very high.
What can be said about Europe's languages? Language is a central part of Europe's varying cultures.
How are Christianity, Judaism, and Islam alike? They each worship one God.
Created by: kcook
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