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what type of landforms covers mos of the interir arobia? desset
what benefits did belonging to a tribe offer nomads? protection
made arobia an mptant center for trade its the cross roads
an important muslim ahievement it had the first pharmcy school
made it possibe for people to live a secrodary life towns around the oases
why did uhammed often go to the hills to pray and meditate he was upset abot about the chaing alues in mecca
muslim contribution to math algebra
two major cities of islamic culture of learning were baghdad and cordoba
cities muslims controled by 661 damaslus
what so musims o 5 times a day pray
muhammads daughters became known as he second leader of islam ali
what r some of the keys to the expansion of the ottoma empire major world power
how did islam spread warfare trade and treaties
muslims split in 2 what 2 groups sunni + shias
why did muslims make treaties with non-muslims to offer protection and hey had a list of rules or is coquerd people
how did mulims rea jews and christians hey treated them with repect but they culd not build there own church and they ha 2 pay a special tax
how id the aabian religion have contct with other civilations treaties
how id they tret women they lemeted her freedom and sepeated haem from men and they livd in herems
what refred to the wy muhammed lived sunnah
people who lived from place to place nomadic
what are of study medicine
islam spea 2 central asia
o look at the stars asro lab
abraham a profit
baghdad a center of muslim culture
caliph te tittle og the highestd leader in islam
coroba citie in what is now spain
instanbul once constantinople
medina is a city
mosque is a building
mughal is the muslam empire
muhammed he is the founder of the islamic relighion
quran the holy book
shariah the sytem
shia is muslims who believe
suleyman i was the greatest ottoman
he was a persin omar
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