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The Aztec moved into ______about 1100ad valley of mexico
az. settled around ________ lake texcoco
az. called this _______ land of the prickly pear cactus
az. Tenochtitlan__________ capital
az.in the middle of a lake__________________ farming protection
az. floating gardens____________ chinampa
az. grew to more than _______ people 20,000
az.defeated_____________ tepanec (over land)
az.became the capital of the__________ Mexico
az. empire_________________________________ large area of people and one government
_az.______________ was an important part of their lives
az boys trained__________________ at an early age
az goal was to become____________ knight
az enemies were_____________________ enslaved (MADE SLAVES)
inca and aztec __________________ conquered neighbors empire
the inca____________ lived in s. america
i capital was_________ cuzco
i built empire by_______________________ conquering neighbors
i leaders___________ gifted/strong
i pachakuti and his son______________________________________ organized empire cleared land appointed governors
i required citizens to work __________________ expand empire spread religion
i worshipped sun god________ irti
i skilled builders__________ __________ 19,000 miles of roads built straw bridges
i farmers _______________ _____________ ________ terraces on mountainside, irrigation, canals.
i skilled craftsmen __________ __________ ________ textiles, pottery, jewelry
i recorded info. by __________________________ knotted string by the quipu
aztec beauty-cruelty=gardens city temples buildings,war produced enmies slaves conquring enmies,enmies helped bring end to empire culture continues today
inca 1532 weakened by civil war---1533 spanish came---inca were at war within-----spanish won inca wealth----1572 empire ended
ice age_______________ 1,000's of years ago-----period of extreme cold---
glaciers___________ huge sheets of ice
land bridges land uncovered when water froze---beringia-main land bridge-----from asia to n.america
hunter gatheres frist people survied by hunting and gathering food-----some hunted mammoths
farmers were left here because ice melted and the water covered up the land bridges--began to settle in one area
--farmers began to plant seeds about 7,000 bc
climate was changing-warmer
grew corn-grew more food then needed
specialize- do one job
led to more complex societies because now they can work together and live communities
the olmec one of the earliest civilizations in the americas
o civilization culture with system of educatoin, religion, government
olmec lived _________________ mexico
o grew (olmec) corn
o trading city la vanta
o frist to use stone is _______ olmec
o created a calender
o played a ________ game ball
ma lived where mexico, guatamala
ma farmers more food then needed---corn---artist,scienctist,historians
ma large city tikal
ma invented# 0
ma temples and religious center very important+very large
ma traders varity of natural resoures
end of maya disappeared about 900ad--experts believe of food shortage+war--descendants-mex. guatamla
mb lived s.e about 3,000bc
mb lived along ohio river
mb frist built mounds to bary dead
mb largest mound great serpent mound
an lived four corners-utah,colorado,arizona,new mexico
an villages were in cliffs and ledges of rocks
an good farmers irrigation,build dams and canals
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