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Social Studies Mrs.S

Mrs. Scott's social studies test 1 test on: 17

Austrolopithecus Afrensis Donald Johansen found "Lucy" in Africa, 1975. Three feet tall, had a mix of ape and human features, biped. Brain only 1/3 the size of modern humans.
Homo Habilis Found by Louis and Mary Leakey, lived in groups, used simple tools, "Handy Man". Took meat only from already dead animals.
Homo Erectus Discovered in 1891 by Eugene Doblis off the island of Java. Good walkers and fast runners. Carried a glowing ember from place to place in order to make fire, made huts, more human like bone structure. First hominids to migrate out of Africa.
Homo Sapiens Neanderthalesnis Found by mine-diggers in Germany's Neander Valley. Shorter but stronger. 60 different tools were found that they made, cared for each other (found healed bones that had been broken, buried the dead in ritual, hunted in organized groups.) Large brains.
Homo Sapiens Sapiens Made shelter, clothes, and weapons. SMART!!! Made lots of tools, looked more human, best hunters yet, first to make cave paintings.
Created by: Wolves11100



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