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Ruddy Nutrition I

NYCC Nutrition I Dr. Ruddy FA10 Test I

In reality, all amino acids are essential but what does 'non-essential' mean? We can make them and do not need to ingest them (necessarily)
alcohol, smoking, birth control pills, influenza all damage? amino acids/proteins
four basic components of macronutrients: Private First Class Walter...Proteins, Fats, Carbohydrates, Water
Private First Class Walter (Proteins, Fats, Carbs, Water) - which is the most important element of the 4 macronutrient components? Water!
_______ : macronutrient essential for growth protein
amphioteric can work as an acid or base (amphi means to work both ways), ie, sickness makes the body more acidic every time except during UTI.
UTI treatment and why grapefruit juice, or similar acidic fruit juice to bring the body back to acidic from the UTI state of basic
is cranberry juice good for UTI? no, contains too much high fructose corn syrup and sugar feeds bacteria
sugar feeds bacteria
proteins work as ________ compounds (acid/base buffers) amphioteric
The body maintains an amino acid _______. pool
building blocks for the manufacture of hormones, antibodies, enzymes, tissues proteins provide the body with amino acids to make hormones, antibodies, enzymes, tissues
building blocks amino acids from proteins
two types of amino acids essential vs. non-essential
Dr. Ruddy's old tests are in the ______. Don't be an idiot and ignore this opportunity. library
Kind of protein which has ALL the amino acids complete!
examples of complete proteins eggs, legumes, poultry or red meat (lean) *natural peanut butter is mentioned in notes, tofu is missing one amino acid so not complete
What would determine the choice of salmon vs. lean steak? WHERE the meat comes from (free range grass fed or raised on a "farm")
proteins that are missing one or more amino acids incomplete proteins
examples of incomplete proteins tofu, whole grains
mutual supplementation combining incomplete proteins (rice + nuts) to make a complementary protein
complementary proteins result of mutual supplementation when 2 incomplete proteins are combined to create one whole/complementary protein
most complete source of Energy fat
proteins that are missing one or more amino acids incomplete proteins
examples of incomplete proteins tofu, whole grains
mutual supplementation combining incomplete proteins (rice + nuts) to make a complementary protein
complementary proteins result of mutual supplementation when 2 incomplete proteins are combined to create one whole/complementary protein
most complete source of Energy fat
are fats necessary in a normal diet? yes!
essential macronutrient of childhood and infancy fat (for myelin)
essential for energy and to support growth in adults fat
most concentrated source of energy in the body fat (9 kilocalories)
type of workout Dr. Ruddy does pliometrics
types of fat (4) saturated, POLYunsaturated, mOnOunsaturated, trans-fatty acids
high satiety nutrient fat
fat gives you ____x the energy of protein, ergo fat is high satiety 2.5
why does olive oil need to be cold pressed? acylic benzadrine, a carcinogen, results from hot olive oil
examples of saturated fats junk food, lard, butter
what kinds of fats are solids at room temperature? saturated
saturated fat raises ____ LDL (cholesterol)
Saturated fat should be less than ___% of the diet 10
Extra virgin olive oil is 1st pressed, virgin is 2nd pressed, but is there any such thing as "lite" olive oil? no, it is broken down and heated
spreadable margarine at any temperature means it is partially hydrogenated and contains ____-fats. It cannot be broken down. trans
Is partially hydrogenated oil a transfat? yes! and so it cannot be broken down
type of fat that has more than 1 double bond. It may lower LDL but it also lowers HDL! Polyunsaturated
At what number does your HDL level lower your risk of heart problems to 1%? above 60 HDL
corn oil, vegetable oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil polyunsaturated fats that lower LDL but also lower HDL
have one double bond. The BEST kind of fat there is! mOnOunsaturated - best because it lowers LDL without lowering HDL values
why is monounsaturated fat the BEST kind of fat there is? because it lowers LDL without affecting HDL (like polyunsaturated fats do)
Monounsaturated oil with the most monounsaturation! The BEST oil of the BEST fat there is... olive oil (70% monounsaturated)
olive oil, sesame oil, peanut oil monounsaturated oils (the BEST fats) at 70%, 60%, and 50% respectively
what is the worst kind of fat and why trans-fatty acids: raise LDL and lower HDL, exactly the opposite of what you want
which fat is the devil himself? trans-fatty acids because it lowers HDL and raises LDL (opposite of what you need!)
which fat increases visceral cancer by 9x? trans-fatty acid
what does the brain run on? glucose
what makes glucose? carbohydrates
no carbs then you will perform _______________. gluconeogenesis (takes 6ATP so carb avoiders are fatigued!)
If you avoid carbs you will become fatigued because glucose is the brain's food, and if it doesn't have carbs to make glucose, then the liver kicks in and has to perform gluconeogenesis (self-eating)
supply the body with energy, especially the brain carbs (glucose for brain)
found almost exclusively in plant foods, such as fruits and vegetables carbs
found in milk and milk products carbs
MAIN SOURCE of blood glucose carbs!!!! (for the brain)
types of carbohydrates (2) simple/refined, complex/unrefined
refined/simple carbohydrate examples Packaged foods!= Simple sugars are like cookies, donuts, and pastries
a RBC is a bag of glucose
help the central nervous system carbs
complex/unrefined carbs The unrefined carbohydrate in pasta is durum wheat seminole
examples of unrefined/complex carbs rice, sweet potatoes, whole grains pasta, bread
fiber is an undigestable _________ carbohydrate
softens and bulks the stool fiber
fiber reduces risk of ___________ cancer colorectal
fiber reduces the risk of __________ disease heart
what two pathologies does fiber reduce the risk for? colorectal cancer and heart disease
grams of fiber per day 25g
how many grams of fiber should we have per day 25g
found in plant products, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts fiber
examples of high fiber-containing foods broccoli, celery ,asparagus, vegetables, cereal grains
how does fiber reduce the risk of heart disease? controls minor cholesterol levels
reason for IBS in Americans? not enough fiber
what type of fiber is found in fruits soluble fiber
where is fruit pectin found and what is it used for? apples, to control blood sugar
3 ways cortisol is released dieting, mental stress, physical stress
human body is what percentage water? 2/3 or 75%
transports nutrients and waste within the body, amongst other bazillions of things water
What processes is water necessary for/ All digestive, absorptive, circulatory, excretory functions
how is water related to vitamins? utilization of water-soluble vitamins
water maintains proper body _________? temperature
how many glasses of water ought you try to drink per day? eight 8oz. glasses
A Stanford study found that athletes driven to the degree of thirst will have a ___% decrease in their performance 20
All the protein in the world won't make you bigger while you work out if you don't have REM sleep. Why? growth hormones are secreted during REM. Also need insuling sensitivity.
Created by: hecutler