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Middle East Cultures

Within ethnic groups, what things do people share? Common charicteristics like physical features, beliefs, traditions, etc.
What are the three main middle east religions? Christianity, Judaism, Islam.
What are the three main middle east ethnic groups? Persians, Arabs, and Kurds.
What is the main religion of Persians? Shi'ite Islam
What are the main differences between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam? Christians believe Jesus was the son of God or was God himself. Jews believe the messiah is still to come. Muslims believe Muhhamad was the last prophet.
What is the holy book for Christianity? The Bible
What is the holy book for Judaism? The Torah
What is the holy book for Islam? The Qur'ran
What is the main religion of Arabs? Sunni Islam
What is the main religion of Kurds? Sunni Islam
What is the place of worship for muslims? Mosque
What is the place of worship for jews? Synagouge
What is the place of worship for christians? Church or Mass or Temple (depending on the type of Christianity)
When someone believes in Islam, what are they called? Muslim
When someone believes in Judaism, what are they called? Jew
When someone believes in Christianity, what are they called? Christian
Why did Jesus have trouble with Roman officials and Jewish leaders? They feared Christianity was spreading too much and was becoming a threat to their power.
Why was Christianity eventually accepted in Rome? In AD 313, Constantine made Christianity Rome's official religeon. He did this because he feared Christianity was becoming too powerful and becaouse he had a dream of the cross.
What do the three main faiths have in common? They are monotheistic and Abrahamic.
What is the Ka'aba to Muslims? The most sacred spot. It is a building with hundereds of idols.
How did Islam spread so quickly after Muhammad's death? Muslims conquered empires and converted them to Islam.
What are the five pillars of Islam? Muslims try to follow these directives to lead a good Islam life.
Who are "the people of the book"? Jews and Christians
Who were the four rightly guided Caliphs? Four men that had been Muhammad's close friends and that had been tought by him. They were the first four Caliphs.
Why was there a split between Muslims, creating the Sunni and Shi'ite sects? The Shi'ites wanted a relation of Muhammad to be his succesor, while the Sunnis wanted Mahammad's succesor to be any good Muslim.
What is Saudi Arabia's main ethnic group? Arabs
What is Iran's main ethnic group? Persians
What is Iraq's main ethnic group? Arabs
What is Isreal's main etthnic group? Jewish
What holy site is important to all three main religions? Jerusulum and Isreal
What is a Theocracy? a government run by a religious leader
What is polytheism? a religion beliving in more than one God
What are Kurds? An ethnic group residing in the mountanous regions of Turkey, Iran, and Iraq.
What is monothiesm? A religion believing in only one God
What is a sect? a section of a religion
What is a messiah? a savior
Who was Muhammahd? The founder of Islam
Who is Allah? The name for the Islamic God
Who was Abraham? The founder of Judaism
What is the Trinity? The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (Christian)
What are Armenians? An ethnic group on Turkey
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