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lifepac test 901

Hist and Geography

What were the rulers and merchants interested in, in the New World? Vast Resources
Why did many of the Europeans come to America? to seek Religious and political freedom
Many colonists were willing to give up what for their freedoms? Their lives
When was the United States first recognized as a world power? After the Spanish-American War
Have space flights benefited or hurt the American public? benefited
Who found a way to cure polio? Jonas Salk
How has the American family greatly changed since 1776? The family has become broken, dysfunctional, and home has lost the title of "a place of refuge"
How many countries have a constitution similar to the US? none
How has the public school system changed since it began? School was originally a way to keep Satan from deceiving men from the knowledge of Scriptures through illiteracy. Now prayer is not even allowed in the schools!
Who devised a system for mass-producing automobiles? Henry Ford
Who made the Louisiana Purchase? Thomas Jefferson
Who purchased Alaska? William Seward
Who purchased the Northwest? James Polk
Who invented the airplane? The Wright brothers
Who was Alaska purchased from? Russia
Who was Florida purchased from? Spain
The Louisiana Purchase was acquired from...? France
Who was California acquired from? Mexico
What were the 3 types of colonies formed under charters granted by the king of England? charter or commercial, proprietary, royal colony
Give 2 reasons wars are fought? acquire territory, gain independence, overthrow undesirable rulers
List 3 groups of people that helped to shape our country lawmakers, educators, religious leaders,inventors
What has been the stabilizing force in American society? the family
What US document symbolizes concern for the equality of men? Declaration of Independence
What may save our family life in the US today? A return in the Christian principles stressed in the Bible
Why is the Us known as a melting pot? People of many backgrounds have fit so well into the American society that they appear as everyone else
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