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The American Journey

"DMS" The American Journey Ch. 2

Renaissance French work meaning "rebirth" that refers to renewed interest in classical Greek and Roman learning During this period of time, the Renaissance, people became interested once again in Greek and Roman learning.
technology the use of science in commerce and industry Computers are an example of technology
astrolabe an instrument used by sailors to observe the position of the stars. The sailors used an astrolabe to see the position of the stars and then know which direction to sail their boats.
caravel type of Portuguese ship The caravel ship was faster and carried more cargo and food supplies than the earlier ships.
pilgrimage a journey to a holy place Muslims take a pilgrimage to Mecca.
mosque a Muslim house of worship There are several mosques here at Aramco where Muslims go to pray.
line of demarcation an imaginary line running down the middle of the Atlantic Ocean from the North Pole to the South Pole dividing the Americas between Spain and Portugal. The pope drew this imaginary line to divide which lands would be under Spain's control and which would be under Portugal's control.
strait a narrow passageway connecting two larger bodies of water The explorer Ferdinand Magellan took his ship from the Atlantic Ocean down the east of S. American and through narrow passages (now names the Strait of Magellan, to reach the Pacific Ocean.
circumnavigate sail around the world It would take a long time in a boat to circumnaviate all the way around the world.
conquistador Spanish explorers in Americas in the 1500s The conquistadors came from Spain to the Americas to establish settlements.
tribute crops, clothing, gold and precious stone that were forced to be given to the Aztecs by cities in Mexico. The cities paid this tribute to the Aztecs because the Aztecs had captured their cities.
pueblo home oer community of homes built by Native Americans. Pueblos were like town that were built as centers for trading.
mission religious settlements These religious settlements usually included a small town, farmland and a church.
presidio fort A presidio was usually built near a mission as protection for the community.
encomienda sysstem of rewarding conquistadors with tracts of land and the right to tax and demand labor from Native Americans who lived on the land. The Spanish explorers in America received encomienda, the right to make Native Americans pay them money or work for them on their land. Basically making slaves of the Native Americans.
plantation a large estate run by a manager or owner and famred by labors who lived there On the plantations, or large farms, crops were raised and native Americans were forced to do a lot of the work.
mercantilism the theory that a state or nation's power depended on its wealth If a nation can acquire gold or silver or develop trade (mercantilism), they would become more wealthy and powerful.
Columbian Exchange exchange of goods, ideas and people between Europe and the Americas. Disease was also brought from Europe to America which killed a lot of Native Americans. Potatos from America feed Europes growing population.
Northwest Passage a water route to Asia through North American that was found by European explorers. The Europeans wanted a faster way to get from American to Asia instead of going around Africa. Faster trade brought in more money.
coureur de bois French trappers living among Native Americans These trappers gathered furs from the Native Americans.
classical having to do with ancient Greek and Roman For example, art work that is about ancient Greeks or Romans would be considered classical.
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