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S.S-british isles


capital of England London
capital of Scotland Edinburg
capital of Ireland Dublin
capital of Northern Ireland Belfast
capital of Wales Cardiff
River that flows through London The Thames
ancient monoliths set up to concide with the summer solstice stonehedge
prime minister of the U.K residence 10 Downing Street
Scottish dish made from sheeps organs Haggis
1840s crop faliure, millions of Irish starve potato famine
people in Northern Ireland who want to remain part of Britian Ulster Unionists
people who want Northern Ireland to be free of British rule Republicans
tourist attraction in Ireland, kiss it for good luck/luck of gab Blarney Stone
British government include the house of commons and the house of lords parliment
two groups who hate each other in northern Ireland Catholic vs. Protestant
Irish Republican Army-want north Ireland to be free of British rule I.R.A
political wing of the I.R.A Sinn Fein
Founder of the I.R.A, helped free Ireland from British in 1921 Michael Collins
leader of Sinn Fein Gerry Adams
Irish hunger striker who died in prison in 1981 Bobby Sands
Catholics forced to live outside cities in Northern Ireland Beyond the Pale
Body of water that seperates U.K from France English Channel
Britons and Celts-tribes that make up the British Isles Anglos Saxons
1972- 13 peaceful Irish protestors shot then killed by British Bloody Sunday
What are 5 exports from England? cheddar cheese, burberry, insurance, rolls royce cars and north sea oil
What is the North Alantic Drift? the north alantic drift is a warm current that starts at the equator and travels up the East Coast of the U.S the crosses the Alantic and goes to the british isles.
What are the countries that make up the British Isles? Britian, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England
Why was Charles Dickens concerned about Coketown? because of all the pollution; the bricks on buildings turned black
this sea is located between England and Ireland Irish Sea
this sea is off the coast of Scotland and N.England North Sea
What are 5 famous tourist sites in London? Big Ben, Buckinham palace, tower of London, Harrods and St.Paul's Cathedral ect.
What type of government does Britian/ the U.K have? democratic and they have a parlimentary system
the seat of the British gov. its their legislature Parliment
What are the two houses of parliment? House of Commons and House of Lords
this is the upper house. A man is born into this position, by the right of birth. If your father is a lord or nobleman when he dies you may take his seat house of lords
in this house a person must be elected by the people in his country in order to have a seat in the house of___________. House of commons
equivalent to the President of the U.S, lives at 10 Downing Street, London Prime minister
How did Magna Carta-1215 limit the kings power? no taxes without permission,no arrest without charges,evidence,witness and the jury has to be made up of one's peers.
what kind of cusine do the British eat? meat pies, high tea, shepherds pie, fish and chips and plum pudding
these were built throughout Britian and the rest of Europe during the middle ages. They were built from stone as fortresses to protect the lord and his people during an invasion Castles
William Shakesspeare was Englands greatest poet and play writer Straford upon Avon
england is home to many fine ________ such as Oxford and Cambridge Universities
this was built by the ancient Romans who controlled all of Europe, North Africa and the middle east in ancient times, This wall was built to keep the Scottish tribes out Hadrians Wall
Englands religon was_______ found ed by Henry the VIII in the 16th century. Protestant (Anglican)
England was orginally a ___________ country catholic
Henry VIII asked the pope for an annulment of his marriage to Kathryn of Aragon but the pope said no so Henry changed the religon of the UK to_______________ Protestant (anglican)
Henry VIII divorces Kathryn of Aragon and marry's Anne Boleyn who only gives birth to a girl--Elizabeth. Henry is mad and accuses Anne of adultry and witchcraft and has her________. beheaded
HenryVIII is part of the _______ dynasty. Tudor
Scotland has always wanted to be _________ of england independent
Land and water bodies of Scotland (5) North Sea, River Dee/ River Clyde, Firth of forth, Lochness,Ben Nevis (mountain)
Products of Scotland: wool, oil, scotch, salmon, short bread, haggis
there is a great deal of hostility between _________ and Scottish English
Tourism of Scotland: St.Andrews golf, hadrians wall, loch ness, whiskey trail
Northern Ireland is part of ____________. Britian
Protestants living in N.Ireland consider themselves____________ because they belong to the Anglican Church British
1695- Catholics are forbidden from owning land, horses, weapons and must live beyond the pale
1921- Ireland, a free country but Ulster N.Ireland remains part of Britian. IRA founded by Michael Collins
1972- Bloody Sunday- British soldiers fire on peaceful demonstraters protesting Catholics being denied trial jury. 13 dead
IRA uses ______ to get there message across that they want the U.K out of N.Ireland violence
UK thinks the IRA are___________. terriosts
peace agreement between IRA and british government. Many IRA members opposed of this because they did not want to surrendor their aresnal 2002- Good Friday Acord
Catherine of Aragon divorced
Anne Boleyn Beheaded-daughter elizabeth
Jane Seymour dies giving birth
Catherine Howard be headed-cheated
Anne of Cleeves divorced-wasnt pretty enough
Catherine Parr outlives him
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