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Bama Football Roster

2010 Alabama Football Roster

1 B.J. Scott
2 Tana Patrick
2 DeAndrew White
3 Trent Richardson
4 Mark Barron
4 Marquis Maze
5 Jerrell Harris
6 Demetrius Goode
7 Kenny Bell
7 Keiwone Malone
8 Julio Jones
9 Phelon Jones
9 Nick Williams
10 J.B. Kern
10 A.J. McCarron
10 John Fulton
11 Brandon Gibson
12 Greg McElroy
13 Robert Ezell
14 Phillip Sims
15 Darius Hanks
15 Mark Holt
17 Brad Smelley
18 Blake Sims
18 Morgan Ogilvie
19 Jonathan Atchison
20 Nate Carlson
20 Jarrick Williams
21 Ben Howell
21 Dre Kirkpatrick
22 Mark Ingram
24 DeQuan Menzie
25 Corey Grant
26 Kendall Kelly
26 Nick Tinker
27 Nick Perry
28 DeMarcus Milliner
29 Will Lowery
30 Dont'a Hightower
32 C.J. Mosley
32 Cody Mandell
33 Caleb Castille
35 Nico Johnson
36 Chris Jordan
37 Robert Lester
37 Hardie Buck
38 Petey Smith
39 Kyle Pennington
40 Harrison Jones
41 Courtney Upshaw
42 Eddie Lacy
42 Adrian Hubbard
43 Cade Foster
44 Jay Williams
45 Jalston Fowler
46 Wesley Neighbors
46 William Strickland
47 Ed Stinson
49 Ranzell Watkins
51 Carson Tinker
51 Michael DeJohn
52 Alfred McCullough
53 Anthony Orr
54 Glenn Harbin
55 Chavis Williams
56 William Ming
57 Aaron Joiner
57 Marcell Dareus
58 Nick Gentry
59 Arie Kouandijo
60 David Williams
61 Anthony Steen
62 Brandon Ivory
63 Kellen Williams
64 Kerry Murphy
65 Chance Warmack
66 Brian Motley
67 John Michael Boswell
69 David Blalock
72 Tyler Love
73 William Vlachos
74 David Ross
75 Barrett Jones
76 D.J. Fluker
77 James Carpenter
78 Chad Lindsay
79 Austin Shepherd
82 Earl Alexander
83 Kevin Norwood
84 Brian Vogler
85 Preston Dial
86 Undra Billingsley
87 Drew Bullard
87 Chris Underwood
88 Michael Bowman
89 Michael Williams
90 Jeremy Shelley
91 Alex Watkins
92 Damion Square
93 Chris Bonds
94 Darrington Sentimore
95 Brandon Lewis
96 Luther Davis
97 Brandon Moore
99 Josh Chapman
Created by: docpa