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Aristotle's poetics

what are the 4 elements of a good character? 1. make them good 2. make them appropriate 3. make them realistic 4. make them consistent
why did poetry develop? people are born/love to imitate
what is always preferable to an "unconvincing possibility"? a convincing impossibility
what are the 6 parts of every tragedy? plot, thought, melodoy, spectacle, character, and diction
definition of tragedy "the imitation of an actor that is serious and complete in itself, with incidents arousing pity and fear, wherewith to accomplish its catharsis."
what 2 original groups did poetry divide into? tragedy and comedy
what are the 3 forms of characters to be avoided? 1. a good man passing from happiness to misery 2. a bad man passing from misery to happiness 3. an extremely bad man falling from happiness to misery
definition of peripety a change from one state to its opposite
what 2 emotions is tragedy supposed to create? fear and pity
pity is created because it is undeserved
fear is created because it could happen to us
complex plot -peripity and discovery -complicated twists and turns (change in fortune w/ reversal or recognition) —preferred type of plot
definition of discovery a change from ignorance to knowledge
what is more important: actions or character's personalities? actions
catharsis a purging of emotion; in a tragedy: tying up of loose ends, feeling of relief
history vs. tragedy history-deals w/ something that has been tragedy-deals w/something that might be
why do we pity the character? his punishment is undeserved
simple plot straightforward (change in fortune without reversal or recognition)
if you have to include something in the plot that is unlikely include it outside of the play (reported by messengers, or have it previously occurred chronologically)
everything in the play must be (reasonable, unreasonable) reasonable (it has to make sense)
why did poetry develop? people like imitation
why do people like imitation "learning is one of the greatest pleasures, no matter how small the capacity for it is."
how is poetry imitation by means of language, rhythm and harmony
comedy -Ignoble (immoral) -Invective (criticizing)
Tragedy -Noble -Panegyric
beginnings & endings are (definate, ambigous) definate
the plot is (concise, long-winded) concise
the plot is (unified, disjointed) unified
the plot is (in need of a sequel, complete in itself) complete in itself
how do you write a plot? Start with something simple and improve upon it later
best types of discovery -surprise -probable discovery by accident
worst type of discovery discovery through signs (memories, reasoning, pictures, etc)
plot must include suffering -3rd part of plot -actions of destruction or painful nature -ex. murders, torture, or wounds
Tragedy should arouse ____ and ____, and the incidents should be __________ and __________ pity & fear; unexpected & intentional
names used in tragedies historically accurate & recognizable
names used in comedy can come from anywhere
poetry describes what _______ happen may
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