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Human Devel vocab

Human Development vocab CSET

Accomodation the process by which a child incorporates new experience into previous understandings, and modifies those existing concepts to include the new information.
Assimilation the process by which a child interprets a new experience in terms of their previous understandings
Attachment theory states that a child has formed secure attachments to others is confident in exploring her physical environment, forms friendships easily, and possesses a sense of competency; the opposite is true of a child without secure attachments to others.
autonomy acceptance of responsibility of one's behavior.
concrete operational stage a stage of cognitive development during which a child acquires reasoning skills and is able to differentiate between her viewpoints and others'.
Conventional level a level of moral development during which a child focuses on what one is supposed to do and begins to understand social order.
formal operational stage a stage of cognitive development during which a child enters into the world of abstract thought.
learning disabilities treatable conditions suffered by many students
meta-cognition thinking about thinking
multiple intelligences one of eight distinct types of intelligence developed by Howard Gardner.
object permanence the concept that a seen object still exists after being hidden from sight.
pre-conventional level a level of moral development during which a child is trapped in an egocentric perspective, but is also mastering language skills
self concept how a child thinks about himself
self esteem A child's feelings about himself
sensori-motor stage a stage of cognitive development during which a child learns to differentiate between herself and the external world.
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