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Infect. Control-Ch 4

Study of Viruses & Diseases

Viruses A mircoscopic organism,capable of infesting almost all plants & animals,incl. bacteria.In humans, viruses cause:the cold,flu,herpes,measles,chicken pox,hepatitis,polio & AIDS.They live only by penetrating cells,while bacteria can live on their own
Hepatitis A blood borne pathogen that causes a disease marked by inflammation of the liver,It can live on a surface outside the body for long periods of time,There's hepatitis:A,B&C,Hepatitis B is the most difficult to kill on the surface
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) The virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).HIV is passed from person to person through blood & other bodily secretions.HIV is transmitted through unprotected sex,sharing needles,drug users & accidents w/ needles in medical settings.
Sterilization The highest level of decontamination.The 3rd level
Disinfections The process of killing most microorganisms on hard,non-pourous surfaces.The 2nd level to sterilization
Sanitation The lowest level of decontamination & infection control,The 1st level
Antiseptics Can kill,retard or prevent the growth of bacteria, but isn't classified as disinfectants.Antiseptics are weaker than disinfectants
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet
EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency) Registers our disinfectant "QUATS" for efficacy (effectiveness)
Cocci Round shaped bacteria that appear either singly(alone) or in the following groups
Staphylococci Pus forming bacteria that grow in clusters like a bunch of grapes.They cause:abscess,pustules & boils
Diplococci Spherical bacteria that grown in pairs & cause diseases such as pneuomonia
Streptococci Pus forming bacteria arranged in curves lines resembling a string of beads.They cause infections like:strep throat & blood poisioning
Non-Pathogenic Bacteria Good bacteria that the body needs like probiotics that you can take in pill form or eat in yogurt.It helps your immunity & to digest food
Methicillin-Resistant-Staphylococcus-Aureus Aka MERSA.Occurs mostly with weaken immune systems or in people who have undergone medical procedures
HIPPA "Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act".Protects patients with regard to obtaining info. on their health in a medical setting.The info must be kept confidential
Universal Precautions Set of guidelines published by OSHA, that require the employer & employee to assume that ALL human blood & bodily fluids are infectious for bloodborne pathogens`
If a cut occurs during a service.What do you do? Stop the procedure, then put on gloves
Pathogenic Bacteria Are considered to be harmful bacteria because they can cause disease or infection when they invade the body
Asymptomatic Means that a person may not be showing any symptoms but could have the disease
Spirilla Spiral or corkscrew shaped bacteria.They are subdivided into subgroups such as:Treponema Padilla,which causes syphilis, an STD or Borella burgdorferi,which causes lyme disease
B.F.V. Bacteriacidal.Fungicidal & Viruscidal.Our disinfectant must be ALL of these.QUATS is in all of these
General Infection Results when the bloodstream carries the bacteria or virus & their toxins(poisons)to all parts of the body.AIDS is an example
Local Infection Such as a comedone or abcess is one that is confined to a particular part of the body & is indicated by a lesion containing pus
Occupational Safety Health Act of 1970 Regulates the employees exposure to toxic substances.Informs employees of an toxic substances in the workplace by using an MSDS
OSHA "Occupational Safety & Health Administration" helps to enforce safety & health standards for employees in the workforce
Bacilli (singular:Bacillus) Short rod shaped bacteria.They are the most common bacteria & produce diseases like: Tetanus(lockjaw),Typhoid fever,Tuberculosis & Diptheria
Created by: CLGagnon