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S.S. Ch.17-2010

The process of readmitting the former Confederate States to the Union. Reconscruction
It offered southerers amnesty, or offical pardon, for illeagel acts supporting the rebellion. Ten Percent plan
This amendment made slavery illeagel throughout the United States. Thirteenth Amendment
An agency providing relief for freed people and certain poor people in the south. Freedmen's Bureau
Was VP for Lincoln, then when Lincoln deied he became President. later was the 1st President to be impeached. Tried to improve the 10% Plan, but made it worse. Andrew Johnson
laws that greatly limited the freedom of African Americans Black Codes
On the other hand too a harsher stance. They wanted the federal governmet to force change in the South. Radical Republicans
This act provided African Americans with the same legal rifghts as whites. Civil Rights Act of 1866
Fearing the Civil Rights Act might be overturned, the Rebublicans proposed this. Fourteenth Amendment
These laws divided the South into five districts. Reconscruction Acts
the process used by a legislative body to bring charges of wrongdoing against a public offical. Impeachment
Proposed by congress in 1869 which gave African American men the right to vote. Fifteenth Amendment
Was born in NC and went to college in IL. Then became a methodist minister and served in the Union Army. In 1870 Revels becamethe 1st African American in the U.S. Senate. Hiram Revels
The secret society that oppoesed civil rights, particulary suffrage, for African Americans. Ku Klux Klan (KKK)
The Democratsagreed to accept Haye's victory. In return, they wanted all remaining federal troops removed from the south. Copromise if 1877
was a special tax people had to pay before they could vote. Poll Tax
the forced seperation of whites and African Americans in public places. Segration
laws that enforced segration. Jim Crow Laws
Some examples of the Jim Crow Laws segration,literacy test, poll tax, and grandfather law.
The Supreme Court ruled against _____________ in a case against segration. Plessy
Segration was allowed, said the Court, if "seperate-but-equal" facilities were provided. Plessy v. Ferguson
Landowners provided the land, tools, supplies, and the croppers provided the labor. Sharecropping
An Atlanta newspaper editor and was a leader of the New South Movement. Henry Grady
1st black Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall
1954-little girl lived near a white school, but had to travel across town to school. Then the parents sued & went to court. Thurgood Marshall was one of the lawyers. the family won and she was allowed to go to school. Brown v. Board of education, Topeka, Kansas
Squaw Indian (Native American)
Congress proposed the _______ Amendment, whichwould grant citiczenship to the African Americans. 14th
True/FalseIn the case of Plessy v. Ferguson the U.S. Supreme Court decided the segration was unconstitutional. "seperate-but-equal" was no intact. FALSE
Whom did the white southerners call "carpet baggers"? Northern born Republican office holders who haved moved south.
Thaddeus Stevens was a leader of ____________ _____________. Radical Republicans
True/FalseCivil Rights Act of 1866 limite3d African American's rights. FALSE
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