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Established Patient Patient previously seen in the office
Intermittent Coming and going at different times
Matrix A base on which to build. (Blocking out the times the MD will not be available)
Alphabetical Filing System that arranged names or topics according to letters in the alphabet.
Audit A formal examination of accounts, finances, or systems.
Chronological Order Arranged in according to time.
Continuity of Carea Care that continues from one MD to another without a break.
Direct Filing System A filing system where files can be found without looking in an intermediary source of reference.
Numeric Filing Filing by numbers
Objective Information Information that is gathered by watching/observing a patient.
OUT Guide A heavy guide used to replace a folder that was removed.
Power of Attorney Legal paper allowing one to act as the attorney or agent for someone else.
Provisional Diagnosis A temporary diagnosis made before all test results are in.
Quality Control Activities to make sure adequate quality in products or procedures.
Retention Schedule Plan for keeping medical records and their being moved from active to inactive.
Shingling Method of filing wherein report is laid on top of the older report resembling the shingles of the roof.
Inpatient A patient that will be admitted to the hospital.
Outpatient A patient that will be seen at the hospital but not admitted.
Demographic Statistical information of human population (age,income) used to identify different markets.
Mnemonic A devoce sicj as a sentence or rhyme used as a memory aid.
Darvocet N-100 Narcotic Analgesic: Generic-Propoxyphene napsylate and acetaminophen: used for the relief of mild to moderate pain
Calan SR Calcium Channel Blocker: Generic-Verapamil hydrochloride: Treatment of HTN and Chest pain
Wellbutrin SR Antidepressant: Generic-Bupropion hydrochloride: Used to treat depression
Klonopin Benzodiazepine: Generic-Clonazepam: to treat anxiety & seizures
Singulair Bronchodilator: Generic-Montelukast sodium:Used to treat asthma
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