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Greeek Gods

Zeus Jupiter. God of thunder lightning and weather. Chief god o Cheif god of olympus over threw his father (cronus) domain is sky and earth.
Hera Juno. God of the family, home, marriage and women. Punisher of infidelity, STDs after you cheat, worshiped by women.
Ares Mars. War. Affair with aphrodite, has 3 kids, eros, phobus, deimus. Love had meaning.
Aphrodite Venus. God of love and female beauty. Grew from an oyster after ouranos's genitals fell from the sky. Unfaithful wife. Wife of Hephaestus.
Hermes Mercury. God of commerce, trade, travel, messages, bearer of dead souls. Sneaky, crafty god who plays tricks. He has wings on helmet and heels. he is the father of pan.
Apollo Apollo Phoebus. God of male beauty, order and temperance, art, music, the sun, youth. Distant and lacked passion, son of zeus, brother of artemis. Worshiped in Delphi.
Artemis Diana. God of purity, nature, moon, virginity, innocence and hunting. twin of Apollo, people worshiped her by having sex on the steps of her temple, especially in epherus.
Athena Minerva. God of Wisdom and the protector of Athens. Zeus ate Metis while she was pregnant with Athena and Atene became Zeus headaches and she was th born out of zeus head.
Poseidon Neptune. God of seas and earthquakes. Mostly worshiped by sea cities, fisherman, sailors. Main figure in Homer's odysseus.
Hades Pluto. God of the underworld. Brother of Zeus, Hera and Poseidon. Not considered one of the 12 olympians because he lived in the underworld.
Demeter Ceres. God of agriculture, harvest, fertility, soil and motherhood. Demeter's daughter Persephone was taken by Hades in the underworld and held for 3 months of the year leaving Demeter depressed, and that is why we have winter.
Dionysus Bacchus. God of wine, festivities, disorder. Son of Zeus and Semele, half brother of Apollo primarily worshiped in winter.
Hephaestus Vulcan. God of fire, metal, working and art. Son of Zeus and Hera. Hephaestus trapped hera in his throne and Dyonysus released her by giving him wine. Hephaestus released Hera after being given the beautiful Aphrodite as his bride.
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