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Public Health

Public Health, environment temp. & water pollution, exam 2

temperature inversion Las Vegas, Nevada, L.A.
temperature inversion causes pollutants suspended in air, which cannot dissipate
valley of death Cubatao, Brazil
Cubatao, Brazil most polluted city in world
high incident of lung cancer Cubatao, Brazil
#1 source of acid rain sulfur containing coal
removes nutrients from soil Acid rain
damage to ozone layer CFCs, methane, nitrous oxide
increase in temp. of 2 degrees C would cause 9 foot rise in ocean level
ozone gas O3
Ozone layer in presence of CFCs changes into 3O2 - molecular O2
3O2 cannot block ultraviolet light
10 years CFCs to rise from ground to stratosphere
1 molecule of CFC destroys many parts of ozone layer
skin cancer cases 1970 200,000
skin cancer cases 2000 600,000
sources of water pollution Acid rain
sources of water pollution crop dusting
sources of water pollution sediments
sources of water pollution acid water from mines
sources of water pollution industrial wastes
sources of water pollution barnyard wastes
sources of water pollution nuclear reactor
sources of water pollution fertilizer runoff
sources of water pollution sewage treatment plant
sources of water pollution oil pollution
phenomena of bio-accumulation bio-magnification
DDT stored in fatty tissue
water DDT concentrations (parts per million) .000003
planktonic algae DDT concentrations (parts per million) .04
Zooplankton DDT concentrations (parts per million) .20
small fish DDT concentrations (parts per million) 2.0
fish-eating birds DDT concentrations (parts per million) 20.00
DDT concentations from lowest to highest increased 10 million times
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) causes mutations, carcinogenic, birth defects
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) causes still births, nervous disorders, liver disease
Tetrachlorodibenzo dioxin causes mutations, carcinogenic, birth defects
Tetrachlorodibenzo dioxin causes still births, nervous disorders, liver disease
hazardous chemicals in water Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) & Tetrachlorodibenzo dioxin
add __ of clorox bleach to make 1 liter of water pure 2 ml
organic wastes sewage, decaying plants, animal manures, wastes from food processing plants, oil refineries, leather, paper, textile plants
sythetic organic chemicals herbicides, pesticides, detergents, plastics, wastes from industrial processes
heated water reduces O2 solubility in water
heated water alters habitats & kinds of organisms pressent.
heated water encourage growth of some aquatic life
heated water can decrease growth of desired organisms such as fish
organic wastes increase biological O2 demand of water
synthetic organic chemicals can cause birth defects, cancer, neurological damage, and other illness
Created by: JYarger