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General History of Shito-Ryu

Founder of our style Kenwa Mabuni
Name of our organization Traditional Karate-Do Federation International
Name Shihan Kai Members Dwight Grover, Gio, Ivano DiBattista, Ceci Cheung, Ubirtatan de Souza, Danilo Torri, Toni Mendonca
Were is Okinawa? Between Japan and Taiwan
Who was Funakoshi Father of MODERN Karate
Higashionna Forefather of Naha-te
Itosu Forefather of Shuri-te
What is Nahate? -Art practiced in Naha, Okinawa -Higaonna Sensei developed it -it became Goju-Ryu
What is Shurite? -Art practiced in Shurite, Okinawa -Itosu Sensei developed it -it became Shorin-Ryu
What is Shito-Ryu? -Blend of Nahate & Shurite -Founded by Kenwa Mabuni Sensei
What is Shotokan-Ryu? -Our sister style of karate -FOunded by Gichen Funakoshi
Budo Martial Way
Bushi Warrior Class
Soke Headmaster of Style
Hanshi Highest TEACHING title in karate
Sokon Matsumura -Forefather of Shorin-ryu -1792 to 1887
Hanko-Ryu -Original Name of our style -Half Hard Style -1930's became know as Shito-ryu -Kenwa Mabuni made the change
Successors of Kenwa Mabuni Kenzo and Tuskasa
Go-do-shin means? 5 way spirit
Created by: Gbarn1