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US Goal 1.01

President who retired after 2 terms & set the precedent for future presidents to do the same George Washington
The first chief justice of the Supreme Court John Jay
The 1st Secretary of the Treasury whose financial plan included the creation of a national bank Alexander Hamilton
The name given to the group of close advisors to the President. Every president since Washington has had one. Cabinet
Issues that are concerns that take place withint the borders of the country...like Hurricane Katrina, the Healthcare debate Domestic
Created the federal Court System Judiciary Act of 1789
1st 10 amendments to the Constitution - protections of individual rights the Bill of Rights
A tax on imports; Southerners and all farmers usually opposed them because they caused them to lose income Tariff
Event which set the precedent that the federal government would not stand for its citizens to be in open rebellion against the government. The Whiskey Rebellion
Powers of Congress specifically written in the constitution - sticking to these powers means the government has limited power enumerated powers
Powers allowed by the "elastic clause." Powers are not specifically listed in the Constitution. Gives the government more power. implied powers
government can only do the things allowed by the constitution Strict interpretation
belief that farmers who owned land were good for democracy Agrarianism
the right to vote suffrage
group of voters with similar ideas political parties
1st 2 political parties in US History Federalists & Democratic republicans
agreement with Spain - Access to the Mississippi River and New Orleans Pinckney's Treaty
Laws passed to limit voting rights of immigrants and to hurt the power of the democratic republicans Alien & Sedition Acts
requires separate electoral college votes for president and vice president 12th amendment
judicial review Marbury v. Madison, 1803
New England Federalists who threatened to seceede from the Union after the Louisiana purchase Essex Junto
tribute bribe
Chesapeake Affair 3 Americans were killed when the British tried to impress them (kidnapped)
Led by Henry Clay & John C. Calhoun War Hawks
arranged a US naval fleet on the Great Lakes Oliver Perry
Shawnee leader involved in fighting the US in the war of 1812 Tecumseh
extreme pride in one's nation nationalism
Hero of the Battle of New Orleans Andrew Jackson
Last battle of the war of 1812 - took place after the peace treaty was signed Battle of New Orleans
Treaty that ended the War of 1812 Treaty of Ghent
Agreement with England - got "most favored nation" status Jay's Treaty
Corps of Discovery The Lewis & Clark expedition
Doubled the size of the US Louisiana Purchase
Chief justice who gave the Supreme Court power to declare laws unconstitutional (judicial review) John Marshall
3 French agents tried to bribe American diplomats XYZ Affair
Country the US fought the Quasi War with France
Saved the portrait of George Washington when the British burned down the White House Dolly Madison
Writer of the Star Spangled Banner Francis Scott Key
Ban on trade with a specific country embargo
Created by: sarahwatts