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Cool Social Studies

Social Studies

Abolitionist Someone who joined the movement to end slavery
Agrarian Farming or growing proudce
Auction An auction is a process of buying and selling goods or services by offering them up for something
Bayonet is a spike-shaped weapon
Blockade blockade is an effort to cut off food, supplies, war material or communications from a particular area by force
Carpetbagger Another name for Yankees
Compromise A settlement in which both sides give up something they want.
Confederacy The name chosen by the states that left the Union at the time of the Civil War.
Emancipate The free of the enslaved people
Musket A type of gun
Plantation A large farm on which crops are grown by the people who live there
Reconstruction The period after the Civil War, when economy and social structures were rebuilt.
Scalawag Scalawag was a nickname for southern whites who supported Reconstruction following the Civil War.
Secede Is the act of withdrawing from the Union
Sharecropper A system in which landowners let poor farmers use a small area of their land and in return got crops or produce
Siege A siege is a military blockade of a city
Textile Cloth or Fabric
Underground Railroad A series of escape routes and hiding places to bring slaves out of the South.
Union Another name for the US
south general Robert E. Lee
north general u.S.S. Lee Grant
Robert E. lees hoarse Traveler
Abraham Lincoln the president
The first shots of the civil war April 12, 1861 in Charleston, SC
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