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Progressive Era II

More Key Terms from the Progressive Era

Tenement apartment buildings.
Suburb communities on outskirts of cities.
Urbanization The growth of cities, brought about by improvements in technology.
Immigrant people who move to another country from their homeland.
Political Machine organizations set up by political parties to help them win elections.
Trust companies that combine to dominate an industry and reduce their competition.
Progressive Reformers who tried to correct the problems brought about by industrialization.
Muckraker Writers who attempted to improve the life of others by pointing out what was not right with society.
Social Gospel Movement a group of progressives who believed churches should improve life on Earth, not just help get people into Heaven.
Settlement House institutions that provide social services and educations to the poor.
Direct Primary All registered voters within a political party could vote.
Initiative citizens were allowed to introduce bills to the legislature and it must be voted upon.
Referendum voters were able to vote directly on issues and laws.
Recall voters were given the opportunity to remove elected officials from office before their term expired.
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