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Cardiothoracic,Peripheralvascular, Neuro

A procedure performed in patients with empyema is called? pulmonary decortication
Which instrument is a rib contractor? lung biopsy
During a bronchoscopy, which solution is preferred for bronchial washing specimens? sterile saline
Removal of air and or blood from the pleural cavity by means of an aspiration needle is called? thoracentesis
A bronchoscopy procedure allows visualization of the? bronchi
Which procedure is removal of an entire lung? pneumonectomy
the pathology in which the subclavian artery is compressed resulting in severe ischemia of the arm is a type of? thoracic outlet syndrome
What size of trocar is commonly used during a thorascopy? 10mm
Which node is an imprtant site for metastasis from the lungs and is a frequent site for biopsyy? scalene
The majority of abdominal aortic aneurysms begin? below the renal arteries
Arteriovenous(AV) fistula is eferred over an external shunt for long term dialysis because of a decrease chance of? thrombosis
Fatty deposits on the walls of arteries are called? lipodeposits
The rupturing of erythrocytes is called? hemolysis
The self retaining retractor used during femoral popliteal bypass is? meyerding
A diagnostic test that examines blood flow and metabolic funtions of the heart and brain is? positron emission tomography
What procedure is performed for chronic cerebral ischemia? carotid endarterectomy
The movement of blood through a vessel can be assesed by? doppler device
The agent used to flush an artery to preventing clotting is? heparin
A vascular clamp used for occluding peripheral vessels is? bulldog
The instrument commonly used to clamp the aorta during an abdominal aneurysmectomy is? satinsky
The instrument commonly used to remove plaque from the carotid during an endarterectomy is a? freer elevator
Which synthetic material used for grafts requires preclotting? dacron* knit polyester
The commonly used size of suture for peripheral vascular anastomosis of the popliteal artery is? 5-0
The scissors commonly used to extend the arteriotomy during an endarterectomy is a? potts-smith
The most common cause of intracerebral hemorrhage is? hypertension
A tumor arising from the covering of the brain is a? meningioma
An encapsulated collection of blood over a cerebral hemisphere, producing intracranial pressure is called a? subdural hematoma
Surgical trauma to the first and second cranial nerve would cause the loss of smell and? sight
Meniere's disease is associated with which cranial nerve? vestibulocochlear(VIII)
The cause of arteriovenous malformation is a? tumor
The procedure that involves freeing up a nerve from adhesions for restoration of function is called? neurolysis
The incomplete closure of the vertebral arches in the newborn is? spina bifida
The surgical resection of the dorsal root of a spinal nerve to relieve pain is called? rhizotomy
A procedure to remove intractable pain due to terminal cancer is? cordotomy
A Gigly saw is used during a? craniotomy
Repair of a cranial defect is called? cranioplasty
Burr holes are not created for following pathologies? dysraphism
Compression of the median nerve of the wrist is relieved by performing? carpal tunnel release
A self retaining neurosurgical retractor is? leyla-yasargil
The procedure to treat hydrocephalus is? shunt
An agent that does not control bleeding in the skin and galia? thrombin
The procedure to treat trigeminal neuralgia is? decompression
Posterior fossa exploration is facilitated through a? suboccipital approach
Does not obtain hemostasis during neurosurgery? monopolar electrosurgery
The self retaining retractor used during a lumbar laminectomy is? beckman
A diagnostic study involving the injection of radiopaque dy into the spinal subarachnoid space is? myelogram
A type of scalp clips is? raney
Can not be used in a laminectomy? burr
The dura mater is closed with suture? 4-0 silk
Transsphenoidal hypophysectomy is performed for? pituitary tumor
The condition of premature closure of the infant suture lines is called? craniosynostosis
During a craniotomy, the instrument commonly used to separate the dura from the cranium is? penfield dissector
Where is the catheter placed when performing the procedure to treat hydrocephalus? lateral ventricle
Which of the following is an approach to the sella turcica for a transsphenoidal hypophysectomy? upper gum margin
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