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Genitourinary Surgery

Cryptorchidism is? undescended testes
A nonmalignant enlargement of the prostate is called? BPH
The high ligation of the gonadal veins of the testes done to reduce venous plexus congestion is a? varicocelectomy
Excision of the tunica vaginalis of the testis is called? hydrocelectomy
The surgical placement and fixation of a testicle in the scrotum is? orchiotomy
Filiforms are used to? bypass urethral obstruction
Denis-Browne ring retractors may be used for? retropubic prostatectomy
A Gomco clamp or Plastibell are used for? circumcision
Female urethral dilation may be accomplished with? McCarthy dilators
Endoscopic suspension of the besical neck of the bladder for treatment of stress incontinence is known as a? stamey procedure
Satinkly, Herrick, and Mayo clamps can be used on the? kidney pedicle
The anesthesia of choice for extra corporeal shock wave lithotripsy is? epidural
A procedure performed to overcome contraction of the bladder neck caused by primary or secondary sticture is a? Y-V-plasty
A diagnostic procedure performed for patients with possible prostatic cancer is known as a? needle biopsy
What surgical instrument is used to visualize the prostate and remove prostate tissure during a TURP? resectoscope
A surgical procedure performed to correct the abnormality in which the urethral meatus is situated on the upper side of the penis is called? epispadias repair
Which of the following is a non electrolytic and isosmotic solution used during a TURP? glycine
Continuous irrigation and hemostasis of the bladder following a TURP is accomplished using a? 24 fr. 30-cc foley ballon catheter
An ileal conduit is perfomed after completing which of the following procedures? prostatectomy
Which of the following instruments would be used during a supranopubic prostatectomy? masson-judd retractor
Why is it important for a patient who will be undergoing a cystoscopy to void prior to the beginning of the procedure? rule out residual urine in the bladder
Which of the following instruments is not a retractor used in a prostatectomy? harrington
What instrument is used by the surgeon to intermittently remove prostatic tissure fragments during a TURP? elli evacuator
The following are all complications of suprapubic prostatectomy except? phlebitis
Which of the following instruments would be used to dilate the urethra? van buren
The surgical reanastomosis of the vas deferens is called a? vasovasostomy
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