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The power source for all fiberoptic instruments and equipment is? fiber optic light source
Orthpedic power equipment is run by? nitrogen
What part is responsible for conducting the electrical current back to the electrosurgical unit? inactive electrode
The proper pressure setting for the pneumatic tourniquet for an adult? 300-350 mm hg
Which laser is used to coagulate bleeders during an edoscopic procedure? Nd:Yag
Which of the following diagnostic imaging techniques provides the best imaging of soft tissues? MRI
Endometrial laser ablation is most commonly treated by? Nd:Yag
How often should a tourniquet applied to an adult leg be periodically deflated? every 1 1/2 hours
What is another name for the electro surgical unit's inactive electrode? grounding pad
What part of the microscope provides magnification and resolving power? optical lens system
What is the name of the latex rolled bandage used to exsanguinate an extemity before a tourniquet cuff is inflated? esmarch
Reese and Brown are types of? dermatomes
What laser is used to treat retinopathy? argon
What is the proper range of intraoperative pressure when using an insufflator during a laparoscopic? 12-15mm hg
What term is used to describe the side to side action of a power saw blade? oscillating
What type of electrosurgical unit does not require the use of a grounding pad? bipolar
A patient brought into surgery has previously undergona right total hip arthroplasty. Where should the grounding pad be placed? left thigh
At what pressure should the tourniquet be set for an adult thigh? 300-350
What device would the surgeon use to identify essential nerves during cranial procedures? nerve stimulator
Which organism is not associated with wound infection? treponema pallidum
The most common nasalcomial infections are? urinary infections with catheter use
A urinary tract infection following a cystoscopy is an example of? nasocomial infection
The correct procedure to follow when a sterile metal graduate is opened and water droplets are on the inside? discard pitcher; contaminated
When opening a sterile wrapper the unsterile person should first open the? corner farthest from the body
Nosocomial refers to? hospital acquired infections
Inanimate particles that can be vectors for infection are called? fomite
A patient who underwent a broncoscopy is diagnosed with a Pseudomonas aeruginosa.Is traced to what type of infection? cross-contaminated
The most prequent means by which infections are spread are? direct contact with infected person
The recommended number of air exchanges per hour with in an operating room is? 20
The relative humidity in an operating room should be maintained at? 50%-60%
A ventilation system that proves a rapid air exchange in a undirectional flow is called? laminar air flow
The control system in which feedback concerning changes in the body's internal environment causes a response that reverses changes is called? negative feedback
The part of the brain responsible for controlling body temperature? hypothalamus
The air pressure in OR should be? positive
Three safety factors concerning the safety of the surgical tech and ionizing radiation are? time, shielding, distance
Which filter is preffered for une in the OR for air exchanges? high efficiency particulate air filters
The compression rate for one rescuer adult CPR is? 80-100 per minute
A common complication as a result of chest compressions during CPR is? fracture ribs
The proper rate of providing ventilations to an adult victim during CPR is? 12
The ratio compressions to ventilations for infants and children during CPR? 5 to 1
When performing external chest compressions on an adult, the sternum should be pressed? 1 1/2 to 2 inches
What organization requires surgery departments to maintain operative records that record peri operative care? JCAHO
Which specimen would not be placed in a preservation solution? renal calculi
Anarobic specimens should? not be refreigerated
Bullets that are considered a specimen should? not be handed off with forceps
A tissure specimen for frozen section is sent to the pathology dept in a specimen container with? no preservative
A commonly used preservative solution for tissue specimen is? formalin
Which incision would be used to gain access to the spleen? subcostal
A curved transverse incision across the lower abdomen used frequently in gynecological? pfannenstiel
Which incision is preffered for abdominal surgery? verticle midline
A lower oblique incision is known as? inguinal
A hemostatic agent that must be applied dry and only handled with dry gloves & instruments? avitene
What type of scalpel cuts and coagulates tissue with the ue of heat? hemostatic scalpel
Which hemostatic agent is contraindicated for use in the presence of infection? absorbable collagen
Which is an internal method of hemostasis? ligature
Before closing a kidney incision the OR table is straightened to? allow closure of wound
Which agent is applied to bleeding surface and edges of bone? bone wax
Which is a nonadherent dressing? adaptic
Which hemostatic agent is not recommended for use on a bone? oxidized cellulose
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