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The secretion of gastric juice is regulated by the impulses of the? Vagus Nerve (X)
The fifth cranial nerve is also called the? Trigeminal Nerve(V)
The cranial nerve that carries motor fibers to the tongue and sensory impulses from the tongue to the brain is the? Hypoglossal (XII)
Which cranial nerve can be tested for sensations of pain, touch, and temperature with the use of a safety pin and hot and cold objects? Trigeminal Nerve (V)
In the physiology of hearing, sound waves collect in the ____ and pass on to hit the____? external auditory canal, tympanic membrane
Which cranial nerve emerges from the medulla, passes through the skull, and descends through the neck region into the thorax and abdominal region? Vagus Nerve (X)
The cranial nerve that contains special fibers for hearing as well as for balance is? Vestibulocochlear Nerve (VIII)
The anterior chamber of the eye lies? behind cornea and in front of the iris
The most abundant extracellular ion necessary for the transmissionof impulses is? sodium
Intraocular pressure is primarily dependant on? aqueous humor
The function of the small intestine? digestion and absorption of nutrients
Athe junction of the sclera nd cornea is a venous sinus know as the? canal of schlemm
testosteroneis secred by the? cells of leydig
The structure that binds the small instestine to the posterior abdominal wall is the? mesentry
The ciliary body is part of which layer of the eye? vascualr tunic
The process by which blood cells are formed is known as? hemopoiesis
The sutures of the skull are examples of? Synarthrosis
What arises from the left ventricle? Aorta
The functional unit of the kidney responsible for removing waste and regulating fluid is the? nephron
Which of the following vessels arises from the right ventricle? pulmonary artery
The cytoplasmic processs of a neuron that conducts impulses away fromthe cell body is an? axon
The part of the brain that is a continuation of the spinal cord and forms the inferior portion of the rain stem is the? medulla
The structure that is located anterior to the esophagus and extends from the larynx to the fifh thoracic vertabrae is the? trachea
The are in the duodenum where the common bile duct and pancreatic duct empty is called the? ampulla of vater
The diencephalon is composed of the? thalamus and hypothalamus
The wisp like roots of the nerves at the end of the spinal cord are called the? cauda equina
Neuron axons that are surrounded by a multilayer white, phospholipid segmented covering are called? myelinated neurons
Neurons that conduct impulses to the cardiac muscles are part of the? autonomic nervous system
The neuroglia are cells that? support and protect
Function of the trachea is to? conduct air to and from the lungs
The area of the brain that controls respiration is the? medulla oblongata
All though takes place in the? cerebral cortex
What bones form the greater portion of the sides and roof of the cranial cavity? parietal bones
Another name for the tympanic membrane is the? eardrum
which vessels do not empty into the right atrium? pulmonary veins
The foramen magnum is found in which bone? occipital
The ovary is attached to the uterus by the? ovarian ligament
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