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Stack #43228

Geography and RegionalismFrench-English RelationsCanadian American RelationsForeign PolicyGovernment and Human Rights
Regionalism Why does it occur? a foreign policy that defines the international interests of a country in terms of particular geographic areas Regional Diversity The condition of being different or having differences ex: Canada is home to a wide variety of cultural groups. Regional Disparity Differences between regions, usually an economic difference. ex: Some provinces have higher average per capita (per person) incomes than others. Indicators of Regional Disparity
-Workers are paid more than workers in some areas -Fewer jobs are available it might take longer to find a job of your choice -Changing economy means leaving school early reduce chances of getting better paying jobs -Depends on the quality & available Causes of Regional Disparity -Physical Features -Natural Resources -Location -Urbanization (growth of cities) -Transportation -Technology -Labour Force Primary employment Provide the natural resources. List problems in development of the Canadian north Change might threaten or endanger existence. Pipelines and transport have brought change to environment. Modern transportation vehicles, snowmobiles, and modern guns and traps can easily kill animals.
Explain why regional disparity occurs in the incomes of Canada. Depend on the quality and availability of housing, food, social services such as parks, health, daycare, and public services such as roads. Explain the difference between a "have" and a "have not" province. Equalization payments are money the federal government gives to poorer provinces to help narrow the gap between "have" and "have-not" regions. Why do the Atlantic provinces have a high unemployment rate. The Atlantic region is facing a restriction on fishing due to over fishing in the Atlantic regions. The people who fish to make a living each day are jobless. Explain the purpose of equalization payments
Provinces with a strong tax base contribute money to provinces with a weak tax base. Why does central Canada dominate the rest of the country Central Canada, particularly Ontario, also houses the headquarters of many Canadian national institutions and large corporations. Ontario and Quebec are the most powerful and influential provinces, politically and economically, and this is often bitterly List the strengths and weaknesses of each region. Atlantic regionl; strengths-rich in natural resources, weaknesses-high unemployment rates. Shield region; strengths-rich in resources, weaknesses-limited manufacturing and agriculture.The Great Lakes/St.Lawrence River; strengths-manufacturing & agriclutre cont'd weaknesses-free trade companies gone to the USA. Cordillera; strengths-agriculture, weaknesses-faced problems to common areas of Canada. Plains;strengths-wheat and oil, w-small towns are dying. North; s-oil and gas, w-agriculture and settlements
Why did Manitoba become a province The Northwest was sold to Canadaby the Hudson Company and Great Britain. The Metis didnt have any say in the negotiations.The Metis rights and interests were not protected. The Metis wanted to choose the gov't for their area. Louis Reil took over Cont'd Fort Garry(Winnipeg)to show; Metis authority, dislike for the new governor, disliked the immigration of English settlers from ON, protect rights of the Metis. Explain the relationship between John A. Macdonald and the French He ignored the complaints of Metis, which led to the French not liking McDonald. Explain the circumstances regarding Louis Riel's death Riel is guilty of treason;Asked the USA to invade Canada to help the Metis. He stopped the surveyors in the Red River Settlement. Attacked Fort Garry. Murdered Thomas Scott. Defied the gov't. Stirred up the native people.
Cont'd. Riel is not guilty of treason; the rebellion was caused by the ignorance and mismanagement of the Macdonald gov't. Defended the Metis land claims and rights. The trial of Thomas Scott was legal. What is conscription? "draft" system in which men would be forced to serve in the armed forces Why did conscription occur in 1917? In WWI, the Great Powers fought with conscripted military forces. Great Britain depended on volunteers until 1916, and then resorted to compulsion. Canada relied on volunteers until 1918, when it used conscripts. What was the Quiet Revolution? La Revolution Tranaville, dramatic change. Aimed to be able to give jobs to all Quebeckers. Believed Anglophones controlled all of taxes collected in Quebec. Argued for complete control of how the French language was used in Quebec.
Describe the FLQ crisis Front de Liberation du Quebec, a French Canadian terrorist organization active in the province of Quebec from the 1960s to the early 1970s. The FLQ was dedicated to the independence of Quebec from Canada and adopted terrorist tectics to achieve that goal. War Measures Act 1970 The gov't invoked the War Measures Act. Almost 500 ppl were arrested, most were later released w/o being charged. What did the Official Languages Act state? 1969 Pierre Trudeau(Liberal). Royal Commission on Billingualism and Biculturalism(Lester B Pearson 1963). Made Canada officially billingual. Mixed feelings about the policy. What was Bill 101?
Enforced the use of French in all public communications , commercial signs, and public contracts. English could still be used in institutions that traditionally used it.Restricted to children with one parent who attended English language school. Explain what "soverignty association" refer to Meant that Quebec would be politically independent, but Quebec would still be tied to Canada economically. Canadian American Relations(Identity and Culture) What is the FTA agreement Free Trade Agreement. An agreement signed in 1988 between the US and Canada that eliminated most tariffs on other trade restrictions between the two countries. It came into effect on Jan 1, 1989. What is NAFTA
North American Free Trade Agreement. An agreement signed in 1993 among Canada, the US, and Mexico, eliminating most tariffs and other barriers among the three countries. What is CRTC? Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission is a government agency founded in 1968 to supervise broadcasting in Canada. It issues licenses to broadcasting companies and sets rules for Canadian content. What is FIRA? Foreign Investment Review Agency. To investigate the purchase of Canadian Companies by foreign companies, to slow down the increasing US control of Canadian industries and natural resources. What is CBC? Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission. Gov't would regulate the media to protect Canadian culture. It would also provide money to promote Canadian culture.
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