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Mittak Microbiology

Slides to review for the lab final

Endoparasite internal INFECTION- parasite lives in the tissue of the host
Ectoparasite external INFESTATION- parasite lives on skin or hair of host
Obligate parasite MUST live in a host
Facultative parasite can TEMPORARILY live on their own
Which kingdom do protozoa belong to? Kingdom Protista
Vegetative from of a protozoa? Trophozoite
How are Protozoa classified? method of LOCOMOTION
Method of locomotion of Class Sarcodina Pseudopods
Example of Class Sarcodina Entamoeba Histolytica
What does Entamoeba Histolytica cause in humans? Amoebic dysentery AKA Traveler's Trots, new Delhi Belly, Montezuma's Revenge
How is Entamoeba Histolytica spread? Fecal contamination of water
Which Form of Entamoeba Histolytica causes disease? Active vegetative form, AKA Trophozoite
Symptoms of Entamoeba Histolytica Infection watery, bloody diarrhea with chills, cramps and bloating
Which drug is most commonly used to treat infections that cause diarrhea? Flagyl
Method of Locomotion for Class Ciliophora cilia
Example of Class Ciliophora Balantidium Coli
this is the largest protozoa to affect humans Balantidium Coli
causal agent of Balantidiasis fecal contamination of water
How is Balantidium coli transmitted? As a cyst
Pig Farmers are at a higher risk of contracting what? Balantidium Coli
Method of Locomotion of Class Mastigophora Flagella
Examples of Class Mastigophora Giardia Lamblia, Trypanosoma spp, Tirchomonas Vaginalis, Leishmania
More what infect humans than any other class of protozoans? Flagellates
Causal Agent of Beaver Fever Giardia Lamblia
symptoms of Giardia Lamblia Long-lasting (6+ months) diarrhea that is mucoid, foul-smelling, and greasy accompanied by severe cramping and flatulence with weight loss
Common in NYS waters in it's cyst stage Giardia Lamblia
Which stage of Giardia Lamblia causes symptoms? Trophozoite
Tx of Giardia Lamblia? Flagyl
This species exists only in the trophozoite stage Trypanosoma Species
How are the Trypanosoma Spp spread? Arthropods
infects the blood, CSF, and brain Trypanosoma spp
Known as South American Sleeping Sickness Trypanosoma Cruzi
What is the causal agent of Chagas Disease? Trypanosoma Cruzi
Transmitted by feces of the triatomid bug Trypanosoma Cruzi
This disease causes oral lesions and is the lease harmful of its species Trypanosomoa Cruzi
Causes chronic African sleeping sickness Trypanosoma Gambiense
Symptoms are fatigue and anemia with bouts of narcolepsy Trypanosoma Gambiense
causes acute African sleeping sickness Trypanosoma Rhodiense
causes encephalitis where the infected rarely survive more than 4 months Trypanosoma Rhodiense
Zebras and Antelopes are reservoirs for the disease, which is spread by the tsetse fly Trypanosoma Rhodiense
This disease exists only as a trophozoite Trichomonas Vaginalis
A sexually transmitted disease where the males show no symptoms and females exhibit profuse, creamy yellow-green discharge that is frothy and foul-smelling Trichomonas Vaginalis
Causes kala Azar Leishmania
Another name for Leishmaniasis is what? Kala Azar
Spread by the bite of Phlebotomus Leishmania
A tissue disease that causes disfigurement Leishmaniasis
Primarily found in tropical, third world countries but is seen more in soldiers returning from overseas Leishmaniasis
Method of Locomotion for Class Sporoza None
Examples of Class Sporoza toxoplasma gondii, plasmodium spp, cryptosporodium spp
This class only exists as obligate parasites Class Sporoza
causes toxoplasmosis Toxoplasma gondii
In the US, it is transmitted via cat feces of cats allowed outside Toxoplasma Gondii
can cause abortions in pregnant women and dementia in AIDS patients Toxoplasma Gondii
Causes Malaria Plasmodium Spp
Transmitted by Anopheles Mosquito Plasmodium Spp
Infect the liver then move to erythrocytes Plasmodium Spp
Symptoms of chills and fever due to lysing of erythrocytes Plasmodium Spp
Causes severe diarrheal disease within Class Sporoza Cryptosporidium Spp
Caused the largest outbreak of waterborne disease in the US in Milwaukee Cryptosporidium Spp
Treatment for Cryptosporidium infection rehydration and rest
What are the two phylum for Kingdom Animalia? Nemahelminthes (roundworms), platyhelminthes (flatworms)
Examples are Ascaris, Dracunculus, Enterobius, Loa, Necator, Trichinella, Trichuris, Wucheria Phylum Nemahelminthes
Examples are Tapeworms and Flukes Phylum Platyhelminthes
What type of reproduction do nemahelminthes exhibit? Sexual Reproduction, many organisms are involved in infection
What type of reproduction do platyhelminthes exhibit? Asexual Reproduction via hermaphrodism and sex, infections can involve one to many organisms
Common name and transmission of Ascaris Lumbricoides Roundworm, fecal-oral route
Most common human worm worldwide. in the US it's commonly found in rural areas of the SE Ascaris Lumbricoides
Signs and Symptoms of Ascaris Lumbricoides Most ppl have no symptoms that are noticeable but infection may cause slower growth and slower weight gain. If heavily infected, abdominal pain may present and GI tract may become blocked.
common name and transmission of Dracunculus Medinensis Guinea worm, waterborne larvae that are released from ulcerated sores on host
Length of 35-60 inches. Migrate to subcutaneous tissue of legs where the worm dissolves the tissue and protrudes its oviduct to release its eggs into water Dracunculus Medinensis
Removal involved tying the protruding part to a stick and slowly turning the stick daily until the entire worm is removed Dracunculus Medinensis
common name and transmission of Enterobius Vermicularis Pinworm, While a person sleeps, the female pinworm leave the intestines through the anus and deposit eggs on the surrounding skin.
Most common worm infection in the US- in some groups, nearly 50% of children are affected Enterobius Vermicularis
Symptoms include itching around anus, disturbed sleep, irritability, loss of appetite, though many people have no symptoms Enterobius Vermicularis
Test for Enterobius Vermicularis Scotch Tape test
Treatment for Enterobius vermicularis Stay at a better quality hotel for 10 nights
common name and transmission for Loa Loa Eye worm, Deer or horse flies
Causes Conjunctivitis, life span can be 15+ years Loa Loa
common name and transmission for Necator Americanus Hookworm, walking barefoot in infested areas (wet grass)
Larvae invade the skin, are transported to the lungs, coughed up and then swallowed. They mature in the small intestine and cause their damage by blood ingestion. Induces Chronic Anemia Necator Americanus
common name and transmission for Trichinella Spiralis Pork worm, eating raw or undercooked pork from pigs that have been fed infected meat.
Causes disease trichinosis Trichinella Spiralis
In the muscles the larvae cause a severe host reaction that results in soreness and tenderness of the muscles. rarely fatal Trichinella Spiralis
common name and transmission of trichuris trichura whipworm, fecal-oral route
heavy infections may result in bloody diarrhea, iron-deficiency anemia or rectal prolapse Trichuris Trichura
common name and transmission of wucheria bancrofti Elephantiasis or filariasis, transmission via mosquitos
Lymphatic dysfunction may lead to lymphedema of the leg, scrotum, penis, arm or breast Wucheria Bancrofti
First part of a Tapeworm Scolex- used for attachment
Second part of a Tapeworm Immature proglottids or neck
Third part of a Tapeworm Mature proglottids
Fourth part of a tapeworm Gravid Proglottid
Common name and transmission of Diphyllobothrium Latum Fish tapeworm, eating raw infected fish (sushi)
Largest of the tapeworms, can grow in excess of 25 ft and may cause anemia Diphyllobothrium Latum
Common name and transmission of Hymenolepsis Nana Dwarf tapeworm, person to person transmission
Human tapeworm, immediately infective, smallest of the tapeworms so require many organisms to constitute an infection Hymenolepsis nana
Common name and transmission of Clonorchis Sinensis Chinese Liver Fluke, eating raw infected fish
takes up residence in the liver and gallbladder, infects 30 million ppl in the far east, lives 10-20 years Clonorchis Sinensis
common name and transmission of Fasciolopsis Buski Giant intestinal fluke, eating raw water plants
largest of the flukes, causes intestinal blockage Fasciolopsis Buski
Common name and transmission of Paragonimus Westermani Lung Fluke, eating undercooked or raw crab
Causes hemoptysis, often found in ectopic locations such as the brain, heart, or spinal cord- infections can be fatal Paragonimus Westermani
Common name and transmission of Schistosoma Spp Blood fluke, water transmission
In temperate regions causes swimmer's itch, in tropical regions causes blood infection. Reproduce sexually, adult worms can live 20-30 years Schistosoma Spp
Schistosomiasis Blood infection
What is the phylum for Ectoparasitology Anthropoda
diseases caused by Ticks Lyme disease, human granulocytic ehrlichiosis, rocky mountain spotted fever
Causal agent for Lyme Disease Spirochete Borrelia
3 Large classes of Lice Head, body, pubic
These lice belong to the genus Pediculus Head and body lice
These lice belong to the genus phthirus Pubic lice
Pediculus Capitus Head lice
The common name for eggs of lice Nits
Pediculus Corpora Body Lice
Serve as vectors of human pathogens such as epidemics of typhus, relapsing fever and trench fever Pediculus Corpora- Body Lice
commonly found on homeless people Pediculus corpora- body lice
Phthirus Pubis Pubic Lice
Crab Louse Sexually transmitted disease
Vector for bubonic plague, endemic typhus, tularemia Fleas
these organisms are host SPECIFIC- they need the blood protein of their specific host in order to reproduce Fleas
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