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Stack #43050

Public Health

Russia & US EventsStatistics
Russian Death rate today 2:1
Russian Life expectancy 1962 65.4 years
Russian Life expectancy 1994 57.3 years
Russian Death rate increased by 30%
Russian Infant mortality rate 1993 19.9/1000 births or 2%
Russian Percentage of babies born with birth defects 10%
US life expectancy 1962 66.4 years
US life expectancy 1994 72.4 years
US life expectancy today 77.5 years
US infant mortality 1993 7/1000 births or 0.7%
US babies born with birth defects 2%
Russian cases of diptheria 1994 50,000
US cases of diptheria 1994 1-2
Russian children fully immunized 50%
US children immunized 95%
Russian men who smoke 2/3
Russian women who smoke 1/3
US - year 2000 vs. 1941 - measles 900,000 fewer
US year 2000 vs. 1921 - diptheria 200,000 fewer
US year 2000 vs. 1934 - pertussia 250,000 fewer
US year 2000 vs. 1951 - polio 21,000 fewer
Since 1965 number of less smokers 45 million fewer
US today number of new smokers per day 1600
US number alive because of prevention of heart disease & stroke 2 million
US number alive due to seat belt laws 100,000
US fewer cases due to blood screening 1.5 million
US fewer deaths due to AIDS-HIV 50,000
$ saved due to seat belt, prevention of hepatitis & AIDS-HIV 3.5
US life expectancy 1900 47
US infant mortality 1900 11%
US death rate 1900 800/100,000
US death rate 2000 50/100,000
Created by: JYarger