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Public Health

Public Health, Exam 1, Dates

1917 Russia - public health was 1st priority
1930 Russia - good results in public health
1920 Winslow defined public health
1945 WHO created (Geneva, Switzerland)
1960's awareness of polluted air and lakes
1965 antismoking campaign started (45 million fewer smokers today)
1965 Michigan 1st true case of Legionella - failed to recognize it - public health dept. building - mass hysteria
1970's 1286 toxic waste sites found
1976 Breast cancer & birth control cohort study began and still going on; Legionnaires disease
1980 Dr. Gottlieb brought AIDS to light
1983 Dr. Montagnier & Dr. Gallo identified HIV
1984 ELISA test for HIV
1986 name changed from GRID or HTLV to AIDS
1987 Western Blot Test developed for HIV
1993 Russian infant mortality rate increased by 30% (19.9/1000 vs. USA 7/1000)
1994 Russia 50,000 cases of Diptheria (USA 1-2)
1994 PCR test developed for HIV
1995 43,000 died of AIDS in USA
2000 USA death rate dropped from 800/100,000 (in 1990) to 50/100,000
2000 USA infant mortality rate dropped to 0.72% as compared to 11% in 1900
2002 900,000 AIDS patients; 500,000 died
2003 58 infectious diseases were listed as reportable decided by CSTE (Council on State and Territorial Epidemiology)
2004 Worldwide AIDS cases 46 million HIV+ and 4 million have died of AIDS
Created by: JYarger
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