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History 10.2

Development of Earth

agriculturist one who produces crops or raises livestock
alliance to unite or join for a specific purpose
antediluvian times, people, or events that were before the Flood
astrolabe an instrument used for taking altitudes
caste a Hindu social level
compass an instrument used for showing directions
cuneiform a form of writing using wedge-shaped characters
dominion rule or power to rule
emigrant one who leaves his own country or region to settle in another
equator the imaginary line dividing the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere
geologist scientest who deals with earth's crust, rocks, and fossils
gravity the pull on all bodies in the earth's sphere toward the earth's center
hieroglyphic system of writing used by ancient Egyptians
linguistic having to do with language
medieval of the middls ages; between modern and ancient times
navigation science of plotting course of ships and aircrafts
nomadic people who move around with no permanent home; wanderer
sphere an approximate circular body
strata layer of deposited matter forming part of earth's crust
transcontinental across or between continents
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