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Government Ch 1

Key vocab terms from Magruder's American Government

conservative believing in less government, lower taxes, strong national defense, and personal responsibility
government institutions that create public policy
politics who gets what, when, how, and why
public policy the final actions taken by government in promotional, regulatory, or distributive form
pluralism different groups all vying for control of the policy agenda
elite and class theory economic stratum of society controlling the policy agenda
hyperpluralism many interest groups vying for control resulting in government gridlock
liberal believer in greater government intervention, higher taxes, and a smaller military
policy agenda type of agenda resulting from the interaction of linkage institutions
linkage institutions the means by which individuals can express public policy preferences
loose construction liberal interpretation of the Constitution
strict construction conservative interpretation of the Constitution
political parties like-minded people who seek to win elections and therefore set public policy
representative democracy government that relies on the consent of the people to operate
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