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(G): Germany and the Occupied Territories During WW2 (Section 5)

Where did the Nazis move Jews to during WW2? Ghettos
What were Ghettos? Areas of cities that were overcrowded and were diseases and starvation were common
Between January 1941 and July 1942, how many Jews died on average per month from disease and starvation? 4,000
What was the name of the death squad that were ordered to put Jews to death in conquered Nazi territory? Einsatzgruppen
How did Einsatzgruppen kill Jews? They rounded them up in towns, forced them to remove their clothes and then took them too fields or woods where they were shot or gassed
What was the 'Final Solution'? A plan to get rid of Jews, meaning turning many concentration camps into death camps
From 1942-1946, how many Jews were killed? 6 million
What were the 2 groups people sent to death camps were separated into? 1. Those who could work 2. Those who weren't, who were killed
How did the Nazis kill mass amounts of Jews at the same time? Poison gas chambers
How did the Nazis keep the truth of what went on at death camps hidden? They released propaganda videos, showing the camps to be nothing more than labour camps where members were treated well
When and where was there an uprising in a ghetto against transportation to death camps? April 1943 in Warsaw
How many German kids were evacuated to rural areas during the war? 2.5 million
What was the programme called that evacuated German kids to rural areas? The KLV programme
Where were evacuated children sent in Germany? To Hitler Youth camps in rural areas
How did civilians obtain food during the war? Using food stamps
When did the first rationing begin in Germany? August 1939
What was the German invasion of the Soviet Union called? Operation Barbarossa
When did Hitler launch Operation Barbarossa? June, 1941
What policy used by the Soviets slowed down the German invasion? The scorched earth policy
What was the scorched earth policy? Everything of use to the Germans was destroyed by the retreating Soviets
When did Goebbels announce 'total war'? February 1943
When were holidays banned for workers and the working week increased to 60 hours? August 1944
What happened to small businesses as part of total war? They were shut down, as they weren't essential to the war effort
What tactic did allied bombers use after 1942? They bombed civilian areas in an attempt to lower morale
How did the German government reduce the impact of allied bombing? It set up welfare organisations to provide food and drink and to find homes for those who had lost them
How did civilians react to allied bombing? Morale decreased, but most people tried to carry on with their normal lives and continue working
When did the allies stop focusing bombs on civilian areas? 1944
What was the criteria for women who had to work was part of total war? All women aged 17-45 had to register
Why was Hitler still reluctant to let women work during the war? He strongly believed a woman's place was raising children at home
Why was WW2 psychologically challenging for many women? They lived in fear that their husbands or sons would die fighting
What did the Soviets do to German women? Raped millions of them
What did the Swing Youth want? To be able to listen to British and American music, especially jazz
Name 3 things the Edelweiss Pirates did 1. Gave shelter to escaped prisoners from concentration camps 2. Stole food and supplies from freight trains 3. Frequently bullied and beat up members of Hitler Youth
Who were the White Rose Group? Mainly university students who objected to Hitler's treatment of Jews
Who founded the White Rose Group? Hans and Sophie Scholl
When was the July Bomb Plot? July, 1944
Who brought the bomb into a Nazi meeting as part of the July Bomb Plot? Claus von Stauffenberg
Why didn't opposition to Nazi rule ever pose any real threat to the Nazi's? The regime was strong and robust enough to deal with it
When did Germany surrender WW2? May 7th, 1945
Created by: JoeMather
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