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History 10.1

Historical background of the U.S.

acquisition something acquired or gained
amendment change, modification, or addition
annexation to abtain or take for oneself
arable land that is tillable
compliance giving in to the wishes of others; agreement
decentralized the dispersion or breaking up from a focal point
dissent to differ in opinion
dogmatic stating what is to be believed; authoritative; indisputable
enterprise building new things using initiative and energy
exemplify to show by example
expansion enlargement
fortitude strength of mind that enables a person to encounter danger
humanism the belief that man is the only important reality
hydroelectric production of electricity by water power
immigrant a person who comes into a foreign country or region to live
impinging tp come into close contact with or encroach upon
industrialization age of power-driven machines
militia band or army of citizens who are not regular soldiers bur are formed for the protection of their state or country
pertinent important; the matter at hand
philosophy a study of the principles underlying conduct, thought, and ethics
prohibition to forbid the practice of making, selling, or using
ratification to be approved or confirmed
science a branch of knowledge that systematizes facts, methods, and principles
specialization concentration on a special area of study or work
technology learning what is useful in industry or manufacturing
territory a large tract of land
transatlantic across or crossing the Atlantic Ocean
tyranny cruel or unjust use of power
unalienable things that cannot be taken away or given away
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