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P.E Semester 2

Which way do you rotate during a volleyball game? Clockwise
How many points for a touch-down? 6
How many downs are there before the other team gets the football? 4
If you don't dress out what happens? You get lunch detention
A shot made outside the 3 point arc is worth how many points? 3
What happens if you don't participate in class? You get a 0
How many people on one team are on the basketball court at one time? 5
Does participating in class include standing up and talking to your friends? NO
What can you NOT do while serving during a volleyball game? Step on the end line
What does the "black box" mean in Battle Ball? The volleyball court
When can you buy food or drinks during P.E? After dressing in
If you get hit in the head in Battle Ball are you still in? No
How many people should there be on a volleyball court? 6
How many hits do you get before you have to put the volleyball back over the net? 3
How do you bring one player back into the game in Battle Ball? You catch a ball
How many points do you have to win by in volleyball? 2
What did you get if you and your team won the overall championship in any of the games we have played? 2 days not having to dress out
You can guard you flag in flag foot ball? False
How do you get all your player back in the game at once in battle ball? You make a lay-up and make it back to your side of the court
What happens if someone catches the ball you threw in Battle ball? Your out and they get to bring someone in
In base all, with runners on a base, what is the ruling for a balk on the pitcher? No pitch
In tennis, how many games muct be won to win? 6
How many yards are enforced for offensive holding in football? 10
In tennis, where must the server stand when serving in a game of tennis? Behind back line
In tennis, if the server swings at the ball and misses it is a ? Fault
In basket ball, what happens on a free throw violation by the opposing team? Another shot
In football, what postion player plays 3 to 4 yards behind the defensive lineman? Line backer
How many outs per inning for each team are there in kickball? 3
If a player kicks two consecutive foul balls in a game or kickball, what is the ruling? Out
IN basketball, what is the ruling for intentionally hanging on the rim by a player? Technical foul
When may substitutions be made in a game of basketball? Deadball/Timeouts
In basketball, what is the reseult of seven team fould by the opposing team in one half? One & ONe
What happens in basketball for ten team fouls being committed in one half by the opposing team? Two foul shots
In high school football, you may curse? NO one
The storage of fat necessary for normal human body functioning is called? Essential fat
The fat in the body that is storage fat and exists primarily within fat cells just below the skin and around mahor organs is called? PRimary fat
Drastically reducing your calorie intake will? Slow metabolism and cause loss of lean tissue
Which is true regarding fasting diets? They cause loss of mean muscle tissue
Which of the following will result in weight loss? Limit calorie intake to one meal a day
Which type of exercise will help burn the greatest number of calories? Aerobic
How many calories are in a pound of body fat? 3,500
Created by: srbooklover77