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Fighting for Control

Chapter 8 lessons 3-5

Monopoly Having complete control of a good or service in an area to one person or group
Blockade Stopping ships from entering or leaving a harbor
Quarter To provide housing and food to a soldier
Petition A signed request
Minutemen Name given to the men of the New England militia because they could be ready to fight very quickly.
Revolution A sudden, complete change of government
Commander in Chief The leader of all military forces
Earthworks Walls built of earth and rocks to protect soldiers during battle
Olive Branch An ancient symbol of peace
Independence The freedom to govern yourself
Resolution A formal group statement
Delaration An official statement
Preamble The first part of the Declaration of Independence
Grievance A complaint
Thomas Gage General put in charge of the colonies by King George III. He was expected to put down the rebellion in Massachusetts and wanted to capture the leaders of the rebellion.
John Hancock A patriot that was a leader of The Sons of Liberty along with Samuel Adams. His meeting with Adams in Lexington was the reason Gage sent troops to capture them as well as the weapons that were being stored there.
John Dickinson Delegate of the 2nd Continental Congress from Pennsylvania who argued that the colonists needed to avoid fighting the British.
John Adams Delegate of the 2nd Continental Congress from Mass. who felt that the colonists must prepare for war. He suggested that George Washington should be the Commander and Chief.
Thomas Paine A colonist who wrote an essay called “Common Sense” that was distributed throughout the colony. His essay was very influential in convincing colonists to fight for independence.
Richard Henry Lee A delegate from Virginia who made a resolution that the Congress vote on whether or not the colonies should declare themselves independent from Britain.
Thomas Jefferson A delegate from Virginia who was chosen to write the Declaration of Independence from the ideas put forth by a committee charged with writing it.
Abigail Adams The wife of John Adams who in letters to her husband asked that the men forming the new government include equal rights for women
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