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social studies

favoring one part of the country sectionalism
election of 1824-jackson won the popular vote but not electorial supported adams and in return clay became secretary of state corrupt bargain
1st meeting for women's rights in the USA seneca falls convention
set standards for public education horace mann
publisher of the tribune harace greeley
published the liberator william garrison
person who worked to abolish slavery abditionalist
former slave, north star frederick douglass
worked to improve the treatment of the mentally ill dorthea dix
womens college Mt. holyoke
1st co ed college in the USA (ohio) oberlin
frontier life/ natty bumpo/ letterstocking tales james f. cooper
dutch in new amsterdam washington irving
the scarlet letter house of seven gables hawthorne
civil disobedience thoreau
1st great american poet (paul revere) longfellow
wrote moby dick melville
called literary independence from europe "the concord hymn" emerson
i am nobody emerson
started new generation of writing "the tell-tale heart" "the raven" poe
painted landscapes about the hudson hudson river school
jackson forced all the indians in the old south east to move west of the mississippi river indian removal act
march of the cherokee to ok trail of tears
a political party in opposition to jackson 1st president was william henry harrison wings
allowed the president to use the military to enforce a federal law force bill
the idea the amercian destined or fated to go from coast to coast manifest destiny
1st president/ govn of TX- defeated santa anna sam houston
founder of tx stephan Austin
where houston beat santa anna san jacinto
tx commander at the alamo william travis
most popular of westward trails ORtrail
antietam bloody lane
highest casualty rate of the war stones river
maryes heights fredricksburg
lee's most brilliant victory and his costiest defeat chancellorsville
secured MS river for the union vicksburg
3 days turning pint of the war gettysburg
last major battle in the west chickanogua
gives the union control of the tn chattanooga
1st battle btw lee and grant wilderness
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