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Civil Rights

What happened on Feb.1,1960 In Greensboro N.C sit ins
Sit in Demostraiton in which protesters sit down and refuse to leave
Martin Luther King Jr. great speaker who inspired people
Boycott means to refrain from
Montgomery Bus Boycott refused to ride the buses
Rose Parks arrested for refusing to give up her seat for a white
What insulting situations did African Americans face in riding buses in Montgomery, Alabama Had to site in the bakc of seat.
Elizabeth Eckford she went be herself to central high and met a angery mob
Little rock nine nine student who got to a white school
Brown v. Board of Educaiton Linda Brown went tried to go the white school but wasn't allowed. Her father sued the board of education
Some things NAACP tried to accomplish Hold teams that challenged segregation
NAACP National Advacment Association for colored people
What orders in 1948 did Truman issued 2 executive orders "Comilte on Civil Rights
Fair Equal Employment rights Banned discrimincation when hiring workers to labor force"
Ellanor Roosevelt Worked publicy for minority rights.
Plessy v. Ferguson Plessy bought a ticket on a train and refused to leave white only section. The court's rulling was seperate but equal
What ruling did the Supreme Court make about the 14th Amendment Applied only to State And Goverment
In 1883 what ruling did the Supreme Court make about the Civil Rights Act of 1875 uncoustional
What were some things that happened as a result of these laws African American challenged Laws in supreme court
What were Jim Crow Laws Laws that required segregation
What is legal segreagation The forced seperation in public places
What were things done to stop african americans from voting Poll Tax and Literacy test.
Civil Rights Act of 1875 Granted Equal Rights in public places
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