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AmericanHistory Fina

Cabinet group of executive department heads that serve as the presidents cheif advisers
Inaugurate to formally swear into office
Precedent and wxample that becomes a standard practice
States rights idea that the states have certain rights that the federal government cannot overrule
nullification idea that a state could cancel a federal law within the state
Political Party group of people that tried to promote its ideas and influence the government
sedition stirring up rebellion against a government
What did the Federal Judiciary Act of 1789 do? What part did John Jay play in it? This act gave the supreme court 6 members: a cheif justice,and 5 assoiciate justices. The law also provided for less powerful supreme courts. Washignton appointed John Jay, the prominent lawyer and diplomat, as the first cheif justice of the supreme court
What were Hamilton's solutions for the nation's financial problems? (there were 3) 1) paying off all war debts. 2) raising government revenues, and 3) creating a national bank.
Why did Jefferson and Madison oppose the creation of a national bank? Jefferson and Madison claimed that the bank would encourage unhealthy partnership between the government and wealthy buisness intrests.
This debate created differences among what two group of people? Ones who supported a 'strict' interpetation of the constitution and those who supported a 'loose' interpetation of the constitution.
What part of the constitution did the people who supported a 'loose' interpetation cite? "Elastic Clause"
This debate laid the foundation of what to form? The American political factions
What was the Battle of Timbers fought over the Native Americans wanted to keep their land.
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