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Sagorac, latin ameri

Latin and Sounth America Test

Grassy plains of central South America pampas
Spanish term for a person of mixed native American and European background. mestizo
Official from Spain sent to rule a colony in the Spanish King's name. Viceroy
Sections of Earth's crust. plates
Large, open area for holding ceremonies, processions, and public events. plaza
Person of mixed African and European background. mulatto
People who want changes made in a government or organization. reformers
person born in Spain but living in the Americas. peninsular
The land governed by a vicoroy. viceroyalty
Clearing the land of forests. deforestation
Who arrived on the east coast of South America in what is now Brazil and claimed it for Portugal? Pedro Alvare Cabral
Who was the emperor of Mexico, was eventually overthrown by the people? Augustin de Iturbide
Who was a general from Argentina, was the leader of the revolution for South American independence in the southern part of the continent? Jose de San Martin
Was Simon Bolivar, a Venzuelan, was the leader of the revolution for South American independence in the southern part of the continent? False
Who was the president of Mexico, was a leader in favor of reforms? Benito Juarez
What is a Caribbean island that is made up of Haiti and the Dominican Republic? Hispaniola
Atahualpa defeated his brother to become emperor of the_________Empire. Inca
The_________Mountians stretch all along the western coast of South America. Andes
Miguel Hidalgo led the fight for Mexican independence and called the people to fight for themselves in his speech known as "The Cry of ___________". Dolores
____________, a poet and freedom fighter from Cuba, led a revolution against Spanish rule and is honered as a hero in the Cuban community today. Jose Marti
Fedel Castro set up a communist government in the country of________. Cuba
What significant event occurred in the town of Ayacucha? The last great victory for South American independence was won.
One of Mexico's most important exports was_________? silver
Francisco_________, a Spanish explorer, defeated the Inca forces by early 1533. Pizarro
________ is the oldest known city in the Americas. Caral
The famous festival in the city of Rio de Janeiro is called_________. Carnival
The Line of________ran through South America and helped divide the Western Hemisphere for Spain and Portugal. Demarcation
As a result of the Spanish-American War, Spain gave up all claims to the country of_________. Cuba
The OAS, Organization of__________, provides for cooperation and peaceful settlement of conflicts along with cultural understanding. American States
Santa Anna went through with the Gadsden Purchase so he could have the money he needed to__________. expand his army
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