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Public heath

basic public health test 2

method of disease control is used to kill the biologic agents internally chemotherapeutic
common disinfectant is a __ solution of household bleach and water 1:10
steam serving tables should maintain a minimum temperature of __ degrees F 140
refrigeration should have temperatures below __ degrees F 45
T/F Good health habits such as rest, exercise and a balanced diet may protect a person from diseases TRUE
when used as a vaccine, Cholera is used in which form fractionated bacteria
immunoglobulin increases with mucosal irritation, exercise and alcoholism IgA
immunoglobulin increases with rheumatoid factors and gram negative disease IgM
T/F Live attenuated viral vaccines should not be given to pregnant women or to those likely to become pregnant within 3 months of receiving the vaccine TRUE
patient comes into your office with sore throat, nasal discharge, hoarseness, malaise and fever followed by toxemia and prostration. observe a tenacious gray membrane on their tonsils and pharynx. what condition? diphtheria
patient comes into your office with; a history of wound contamination, jaw stiffness, neck stiffness, dysphagia and irritability. The patient has a gram-positive bacterial culture. what condition tetanus
A patient comes into your office with; bursts of rapid, consecutive coughs followed by a deep, high pitched inspiration. The patient has a gram-negative bacteria culture. what condition pertussis
patient comes into your office with; fever, malaise, testicular swelling and tenderness. The patient has a viral (paramyxovirus) RNA virus. what condition mumps
T/F Influenza outbreaks have a characteristic pattern of coming into a community quickly with a peak activity occurring in the 2nd and 3rd weeks and ending in the 5th and 6th weeks TRUE
patient comes into your office with; sinusitis, nuchal rigidity, exaggerated symmetrical deep tendon reflexes and a positive Brudzinski’s test. what condition meningitis
patient comes into your office with; fatigue and splenomegaly resulting from oropharyngeal contact. They have a positive Paul Bunnell test. what condition mononucleosis
patient comes into your office with; a fine maculopapular rash, posterior cervical and postauricular lymphadenopathy. They have severe arthralgia resulting from a togavirus. what condition rubella
patient comes into your office with; fever, coryza, cough, conjunctivitis and photophobia. They have a systemic paramyxovirus with Koplik’s spots. what condition measles
patient comes into your office with; fever, cough, chills and purulent sputum. A chest x-ray shows patchy or lobar infiltrates. what condition pneumonia
patient comes into your office with; sub-sternal soreness, coryza, malaise, sore throat and non-productive cough. They also have leukopenia and proteinuria. Their virus has been isolated via an egg cell culture. what condition influenza
Viral Hepatitis spread by fecal-oral contact, related to age and socioeconomic status, portal of exit is via the stool, and diagnosis by detection of IgM anti-HAV
Hepatitis B highly prevalent in IV drug abusers, humans are the only known reservoir, diagnosis by IgM anti-HBV present in serum, and can live outside the body for hours and days
Tuberculosis night sweats, mantoux test, productive cough, and homelessness
behavioral risk factors for STD's exchanging sex for drugs, casual sex, multiple sex partners, pickup sex
patient comes into your office with; fever, chills, vaginal discharge, lower abdominal distress and menstrual disturbances. She has a history of STD infection. what condition pelvic inflammatory disease
patient comes into your office with; a painless ulcer on their genitalia and non-tender regional lymph nodes. They have a positive fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption test. what condition syphilis
patient comes into your office with; a purulent and profuse urethral discharge, epididymitis, prostatitis and proctitis. They complain of arthritis and tenosynovitis in the knees and wrists. They have a positive bacterial culture. what condition gonorrhea
likely mode of transmission of HIV blood transfusion, breast milk, and vaginal intercourse
patient comes into your office with; malaise, chills, fever, and systemic symptoms. They have a genital primary lesion with lymph node enlargement in the genital and rectal areas. They have a gram-negative bacteria. what condition chlamydia
patient comes into your office with; tender inguinal lymph nodes, fever, dysuria, and ulcers producing a yellow ooze from their center. They have fluid filled vesicles and an acute inflammatory process in the genital region. what condition genital herpes
gnital warts human papillomavirus, rapid growth in the presence of heavy perspiration, painless red or pink swellings which can reach a size of 10cm, cauliflower appearance, and aka Condylomata Acuminata
spread through transplacental route AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia
T/F HIV virus is an RNA retrovirus that attacks and destroys CD4 + (helper) lymphocytes TRUE
heart disease smoking increases the risk of developing CHD, elevated blood pressure is a major contributor to CHD, obesity and lack of exercise seems to be minor contributory factors to CHD, blacks are almost twice as likely as whites to become hypertensive
Cancer radiation appears to be the most harmful, disease in which cells multiply out of control, carcinogen is a cancer causing substance, and low cancer rates correlate with high vegetable and grain intakes
carcinogenic substances causes gastrointestinal cancer nitrates
American Cancer Society Guidelines on Diet, Nutrition and Cancer take vitamins A,C,E, limit consumption of alcohol, eat a varied diet, and maintain a desirable body weight
Lung cancer leading cause of death in both men and women, usually develops within the wall or epithelium of the bronchial tree, signs of sputum streaked with blood, and occupational exposure leads to an increased risk
Breast cancer most common cancer of women, occurs more often in the left breast, early menses is a high risk factor, never have been pregnant is a high risk factor, and most common after the age of thirty
Ovarian cancer living in an industrial country is a high risk factor, characterized by abnormal vaginal bleeding, inherited mutated BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 genes is an increased risk factor, and diagnosed by a pelvic examination
T/F Excessive uses of alcohol and drugs were documented in some 50% of homicides TRUE
Cervix cancer age of first coital experience is a high risk factor, use of oral contraceptives appears to be a risk factor, diagnosis by a pap smear, and characterized by pelvic pain
colorectal cancer diagnosis by hemoccult, warning sign is blood in the stool,heredity is a factor in development of this cancer, and low fiber consumption is an association of this cancer
prostate cancer asians have the lowest rate in the world, most common cancer in men, characterized by dribbling, diagnosis by digital rectal examination, and married men have increased frequencies of this cancer
cerebrovascular accident old age is the most important risk factor, diagnosis by computer tomography scan, chance of having a stroke doubles each successive year after the age of 45, and women over 35 and who smoke have an increased risk
myocardial infarction predisposing factor is diabetes mellitus, shortness of breath part of the signs & symptoms, predisposing factor is stress, there is a familial association
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease usually the result from emphysema, characterized by dyspena on minimal exertion, diagnosis by respiratory difficulties and infections, and occupational exposure is considered by some to cause multiplicative risk factors
to be considered HIV positive an individual must test positive to the following tests in the following order ELISA, ELISA, WESTERN BLOT
azidothymidine has little or no affect on cell associated virus levels of AIDS
AIDS has not been spread by a mosquito or other insect
AIDS patient can suffer such neurological conditions as dementia and neuropathy
CD4 lymphocyte count below 200 cell/uL or a CD4 lymphocyte percentage below 14% are considered to have AIDS
the hallmark of diabetes mellitus is hypoglycemia
substance abuse is associated with suicide
homicide is the leading cause of death in black men 15-24 years of age
diagnosis of cirrhosis is by liver biopsy
polyuria is a characteristic of diabetes mellitus
hypoproliferative anemias is associated with marrow aplasias
diffuse destruction of hepatic cells is a characteristic of cirrhosis
men are four times more likely to be victims of homicide than women
dilutional anemias is associated with pregnancy
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