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SS Final '09-'10

immigrant someone who comes to live in a country from somewhere else in the world
opportunity a chance to get a job, education, or have a better way of life
tradition a custom or way of doing something
famine a time of hunger when there is little food
voyage a trip across the ocean on crowded ships
language words or signs people use to communicate
manufacture to make something with machines
music sounds made with instruments or voices
festival a joyful gathering for celebration
What are some reasons people come to live in the US? to get a job, better education or to live with their family
Why did many people leave Ireland to live in the US? Because there was a potato famine and there was no food.
Why do ethnic groups form neighborhoods in a large city? So they can speak their own language and follow customs of their culture. The people in the neighborhoods help the new immigrants learn about this country
What are some of the ways people express their culture every day? By the foods they eat, the clothes they wear, the stories we write
Why are holidays and celebrations important to communities? People express their culture through holidays and celebrations.
Who were the first immigrants to arrive in the 1600's and what people were already here when they came? People from England were the first to arrive. The Native Americans were already here.
What were 3 reasons immigrants came to this country? to find a job, get a better education, or have a better way of life
What parts of their culture do immigrants often keep in their new country? they speak their own language, their foods and the way they dress, songs, music, art
During the 1800's the largest group of immigrants came from? Europe
Today , the largest groups of immigrants come from? Asia, Mexico and Central America
Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize for Physics, contributed to the fields of science and math
I.M. Pei He designed many beautiful buildings all over the world
Madeline K Albright Used her skills as a leader to improve communication between the US and other countries
Elizabeth Blackwell the first woman to earn a medical degree in the US
Elijah McCoy He invented a cup that dripped oil into machinery on trains so they wouldn't have to stop to oil the machinery
Pura Belpre She became the first Hispanic librarian at the New York public Library
Created by: esmith2010