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Ancient China1

words for the test

system of beliefs and vales Philosophy
the second-longest river china Huang He River
emperor of the Qin dynasty was the first to unify the Chinese empire Shi Huangdi
hard,pale green or white mineral; valued as a gemstone or as a material from which to make boxes, carved tablets, or other ornaments Jade
a large plain in East Africa built up by soil deposits of the Huang He North China Plain
the winds that blow across East Asia at certain times of the year; in summer, they are very have crossed warm ocean currents Monsoon
closely related people of several generations such as brothers and sisters parents uncles and aunts grandparents and great grandparents Etenteded family
the middle time period of the groups of Egyptian dynasties Middle Kingdom
Nightin gale
East China Sea
Plateau of tibet
Mekong River
Altay Mountains
Qin Lin Mountains
yellow brown soil loess
a protective wall that controls or holds back water dike
the group of people whose job is to carry out the work of the government civil service
the kind of money used by a group or a nation currency
a leader of an armed group warlord
a valuable cloth originally made only in China from threads spun by caterpillars called silkworms silk
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