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lms history test

13th amendment (date/definition) 1865/ abolished slavery
14th amendment (date/definition) 1868/ equal treatment under the law for people of any race
15th amendment (date/definition) 1870/ voting rights regardless of race
Plessy vs. Ferguson (date/definition) 1896/ court trial about separate cars on a train—Supreme Court said it was okay to have “separate but equal” facilities
integration the process of opening a group, community, place, or organization to all, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, religion, gender, or social class
segregation the practice of keeping ethic, racial, religious, or gender groups separate, especially by enforcing the use of separate schools, transportation, or housing, and usually discriminating against a minority group
“separate but equal” (date/definition) 1896-1954/ legal doctrine in United States Constitutional law that justified systems of segregation (from 1896 to 1954)
Brown vs. Board of Education (date/definition) 1954/ court trial which decided that “separate but equal” was inherently unequal; schools should be integrated
NAACP (definition/explanation) National Association for the Advancement of Colored People/ group which worked for equal rights of blacks, supported Little Rock Nine (and Rosa Parks, and MLKing Jr)
KKK (definition/explanation) Klu Klux Klan/ a secret society of white supremacists, who use violence and intimidation
Created by: traylor