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4th grade SS

Ch 3 vocabulary 2010

expedition a journey to learn more about the land
Northwest Passage The water route that Europeans once thought crossed North America from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean
colony a settlement separated from, but under the control of a home country
raw material a natural resource that is later changed to make a product
governor the leader of a colony or a state
charter a written document that gives certain rights from a government or state to a person or group of people
cash crop a crop that people raise to sell rather than to use themselves.
export a product sent from one country to another to be sold
proprietor an owner of a land or business
assembly group of people elceted to make laws and to decide how the colony's money would be spent
tax money that a government collects from its citizens and is used to pay for new services
rebel turn against
pirate someone who robs ships at sea
cargo goods carried from one place to another
royal colony colony ruled by a king
immigrant person who moves from one country to another
indentured servant agrees to work for a colonist without pay for a number of years in exchange for travel to America
naval stores tar, turpentine and other products used to waterproof ships' wooden hulls
plantation large farm that specializes in growing a single cash crop
planters the people who owned plantations
slave a person who is treated as property of another person and made to work without pay
revolution is the sudden change or overthrow of a government
Patriots people favoring independence
Loyalists those loyal to Britain
congress a meeting where laws and decisions are made
Declaration of Independence a statement telling why the colonies wanted to be free from Britain
constitution a plan of government
Bill of Rights a list of rights all citizens should have, such as freedom of speech and freedom of religion
compromise when each side gives up some things it wants so both sides can agree
ratify to accept
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