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Pyramid CDC - SMARTNet Customer Service Review

Universal Product Code (UPC) A barcode that contains specific product information including a description, price, tax status and relevant discounts or promotions.
Upselling The act of highlighting or revealing an extra value of a product or directing the customer’s attention to other products that may better satisfy her/his need, even when they may be more expensive.
Value The subjective worth that an item or service has for the customer compared to other alternatives.
Vandalism The deliberate act of damage or destroying company property.
Vendor pricing A pricing strategy that enforces the use of a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) to prevent competitive pricing back-and-forth between retailers. Some suppliers have a minimum advertised price (MAP) conditions and may not allow retailers to sell their products if they price them below MAP. Apple is one such retailer/supplier.
Visual merchandise The branch of retail in charge of promoting specific products and services to increase sales through engaging visual displays. Through visual merchandising, retailers present products in the most attractive way possible in order to drive traffic, create interest, allow customers to make a connection with products and generate sales.
Warranty A type of add-on service in which the manufacturer promises to repair or replace the item for a specific period of time, if needed.
Wholesaler An entity that buys large quantities of products directly from the manufacturer and then sells smaller amounts of the products to different retailers.
Workplace bullying This consists of persistent actions directed toward a co-worker which are intended to intimidate, humiliate, undermine or create risk to the health or safety of the employee. Bullying may involve verbal, nonverbal, psychological or physical abuse.
Workers’ compensation The claim and benefit system for employees who are injured at work enabling them to receive partial pay, help with medical bills, ect.
Workplace safety Actions taken to prevent an injury and/or illness, including foodborne illness, to employees and customers in a workplace.
Workplace violence This refers to any act or threat of physical violence, abuse harassment, intimidation or other hostile, disruptive behavior that occurs in the workplace.
Worth The satisfaction that the customer feels after obtaining/experiencing the benefits from the purchased product or service.
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